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Marjan Jennifer's dream come true

Marjan Jennifer’s dream come true

Marjan Jeniffa made her debut in Dhaliwood with the movie ‘Musafir’. She made her debut as a heroine in 2016. He acted opposite Arefin Shuvo in the movie ‘Musafir’ directed by Ashikur Rahman.

Marjan Jeniffa took place in the minds of the audience
with her glamor and acting. Jennifer got married after the release of the first movie. Take a break from the light-camera section. This time the actress has announced to return from the break. He told her about fulfilling his childhood dream.

Marjan Jeniffa has debuted in a new identity. Founded by Marjan Jeniffa Makeover Studio and Fashion. He inaugurated it on Friday (October 6). Multiple stars of the inaugural showbiz were present.

In this context, Marjan Jeniffa said, ‘My childhood dream was to give a makeover studio. In the meantime, I have done three courses on makeover and got the certificate. ‘

He added, ‘I am very interested in the outfit. My long dream has come true through ‘Marjan Jeniffa Makeover Studio and Fashion’. For this I had to take a bank loan and sell some of my favorite gold. There will be a 50 percent discount for my fans here. There are all kinds of facilities according to everyone’s needs. ‘

Meanwhile, the heroine has said that she will bring the movie ‘Musafir-2’.

Talking to Samay News, he said, “We announced ‘Musafir-2’ right after the end of our movie ‘Musafir’.” After that, marriage was not done due to being busy with one’s own business. And because of Pandamic, no work could be done last year. This time I want to start shooting for the movie ‘Musafir-2’ at the end of this year.

The actress is preparing for the movie. In his words, ‘I got a little fat naturally after marriage. I started the gym. I hope I can fix my fitness before the movie starts shooting. Because I want to give my audience something better than before. ‘

During the conversation, Jeniffa said that she will be

the producer in this installment of the movie. She will be co-producing with her husband Jubayer Alam. Will there be any change in the casting of the movie? When asked, Jeniffa said, “We want to build ‘Musafir-2’ with the team first.” I will be able to announce the final about casting after Eid-ul-Azha. We will announce the masterpiece soon. I will tell more details then. Inshallah. ‘

Jennifer wanted to be established as a heroine. Even after getting married, he is still fulfilling that desire. She wants to keep herself busy in Dhaliwad again as she has the support of her husband. He has decided to work, not a traditional commercial movie.

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