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Marketing Specialist in the generalist world, how to become one?

Let’s make it clear, if you want to start a digital marketing agency, that too in today’s world, there are a few things you have to consider. In the beginning, there is relatively little chance you will be stable because you are not only in the market, the competition is high, and there is a ridiculous profit margin. However, you must face all those obstacles and learn from your mistakes.

The thing about digital marketing in this century is that it has become a commodity. The thing about the commodity is that when you sell it, the only way your business will survive the momentum in the marketplace is to specialize. But it would be best to consider which aspect of marketing you want to specialize in; that is why the questions below can help you choose a niche.

How many digital marketing companies are in the market?

The perfect answer to that question is always going for a market where 5000+ companies work. In this way, your chances of running out of prospectus are meager. It is best to go for niches with 5,000-plus prospects in your target industry. Targeting a niche with lower prospective clients will be hard to market as it will be more labor and require in-depth content research to win clients.

What is the average sale?

The selected niche should have more than the highest product or service rate. It will be easier for your client to keep paying you if there is in the market the price is much higher than what you are offering. Always know the value of your customers because your business’s recurring sale depends on how much revenue a customer brings over the sales.

What is the level of competition?

Always avoid marketing the individuals like fitness coaches, dentists, attorneys, and many more. Because the market is already crowded in these niches, you will have difficulty finding success and sometimes impossible. Go for the hardly covered niches, as it will help your business grow.

How will your service be productized?

When you first start your business, your biggest challenge is keeping clients on retainer. The best solution for you will be to deliver consistent results. Once you choose a niche of your liking and specialize in it, you can productize your service and recreate your results. Once you’ve figured out what works in your place, you can quickly get desired results from other clients.

Always remember generalizing in a niche is not essential, but specializing is in the century. When starting a digital marketing agency, you must seek professionals and their advice. One of the niches to be specialized in marketing is cultural marketing.

Luke Hodson is the perfect example of looking for a cultural and youth marketing expert and inspirational.

Luke Hodson

Forbes and Campaign magazine 30 under 30 winners, Luke Hodson, is a born and bred Londoner and founder of NERDS Collective, the award-winning youth, and culture marketing agency. Hodson’s vision was to welcome like-minded brands and organizations with a shared desire to champion youth culture as a crucial strategy for future brand success aboard. Converse and Beats by Dre were some of the first brands to understand the opportunity and align with the NERDS vision. Today, Hodson chaperones the likes of Nike and Pernod-Ricard in their efforts to better connect brands more meaningfully with youth and culture. NERDS is a youth marketing agency based in London, specializing in big data, cultural intelligence, and Gen-Z. NERDS core services include insight, strategy, and creativity. Frontline powers their work: a dynamic cultural intelligence, consumer panel, and research tool that gets brands closer to consumer centricity with the street culture youth consumer – 65% of all Gen-Z.To learn more, please visit:


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