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Marko Stout – The King of Modern Art

Marko Stout – The King of Modern Art

If you’re among those who have never been aware of Marko Stout Let us inform us that Stout is an artist of the contemporary age from in the United States, he is famous for his unique industrial pop style that has an emphasis specifically on New York City and modern urban life. Stout’s work is described to be “dark rough, gritty, and brutal” as well as regarded by some to be “hottest artwork of the moment in NYC!” Some also liken him to Andy Warhol who was a artist who was a pioneer in pop art in the 20 the 20th century America.

Today, it’s almost impossible to not have heard at least once speaking or, at worst, the name Marko Stout. It is rare that someone in the art world does not recognize who he is.

Stout started his career in art in the latter part of the 1990s in the late ’90s as an “outsider” in San Francisco and later downtown New York City. Born in a tiny New Jersey beach town, Stout’s childhood was full of sports, surfing as well as Rock music. Stout embarked on the road after completing high school. He would take on odd jobs on his travels, which allowed him to be exposed to a variety of cultures and arts. Later, he enrolled in Princeton University and earned a degree in biology. He also was a student in Columbia University, where he received the medical diploma. He also completed his training in orthopedics in the New York veteran’s hospital.

After finishing his studies, Marko was able to move to California. Living in Sausalito’s bohemian neighborhood, on the houseboat that was floating on San Francisco Bay, Marko began to meet many local writers, artists as well as gallery proprietors. They would engage in lengthy discussions concerning literature, art and music as well as philosophy over a meal and Mexican marijuana. He had the chance to talk with a painter educated through the Chicago Institute of Art, who was the owner of a prestigious gallery. It was a great source of inspiration that led Marko Stout to follow a career in contemporary art, and his very first paintings were offered for sale in the same gallery. That’s why Marko feels extremely thankful to the gallery as it was the gallery that helped open the door to his future and served as a way to the success he currently is enjoying.

It’s important to know that, in the present Marko Stout is dedicated to creating works using a variety of media, including printing sculpture, painting film, cinema, photography, and other innovative media. A lot of people are familiar with him nowadays due to his participation in the Festival of Edible Apple Cinema which is held in the heart of downtown New York. Its primary objective is to to showcase artworks that are innovative in their contemporary styles and established films. It is important to remember that the festival was founded in the year the year 2015 by Stout himself. Stout was also profiled in The Huffington Post after his appearance with his art exhibit Chelsea Girls. Marko boldly employs vibrant colours to create lasting images in his work that are predominantly based on sexuality. It is evident within the “Erotic Allure” portrait series.

It’s no secret that nowadays it’s very difficult and difficult to get noticed in the arts industry as well as the celebrity industry or in the social sector. Imagine a climb to the top of both sectors. It’s nearly impossible but it is not the case to Marko Stout. Because of his talent and his diverse capabilities, he has done it in a unique manner. This is the reason that everyone is talking about him, and even famous people like Caitlyn Jenner and Charlie Sheen have endorsed his work. You can find these celebrities endorsements as well as other information about Marko’s life and work on his website Markostout.com. He has become so famous that he’s become among the top well-known individuals around New York City. Marko’s work is displayed in many international art shows, collections of private collectors along with fine Art galleries.

If you’re living in New York or have the possibility of traveling soon to the gorgeous and charming city in the United States, we invite you to attend this festival, the Apple Edible Film Festival, to give you the chance to have fun by the many art and films that are available in Stout.

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