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Married Life While Jenni Was Still in High School

Married Life While Jenni Was Still in High School

As Trino Marin, he is most known for his ex-wife Jenni Rivera, an American singer, songwriter, and actor. José Trinidad Marn or Marin When Marin was convicted of sexual assault and rape, and he became a household name. Trino Marin sexually molested his kids and sister-in-law for many years while living with his wife, Jenny. Because of Marin’s heinous deeds, he was eventually condemned to 31 years in jail.

The Beginning Of Trino Marin’s Life
José Trinidad Marn was born on February 15th, 1964, and American. It is not known when his family relocated from Mexico to the United States, but he was born and reared there. He met his old girlfriend, Jenni Rivera, while still in high school. Due to his relationship with singer-songwriter Jenni Rivera, Trino Marin’s name became well-known in the media.

Trino worked various jobs throughout the early stages of his relationship with Jenni. The restaurant management job gave him enough money to put food on the table for himself and his family. So, he recommended that Jenni remain home with the kids and take care of them while at school. Trino became physically aggressive to his wife when Jenni refused to comply with him at first.

Married Life While Jenni was still in high school, she became pregnant with their first child. Chiquis Rivera, their first child, was born in 1985. The couple produced three children: Chiquis, their firstborn, Jacqueline, and Michael, their lone son. They had three children. All of her children have achieved great things in their respective fields.

However, not every love story has a happy ending. In 1992, Jenni and Trino decided to call it quits. Jenni asked for a divorce from Trino because of the abuse on all of these fronts. During their divorce proceedings in 1997, Jenni learned that Trino Marin had molested their two girls and her sister Rosie.

The Case Against And Trial Of Trino Marin
He raped his kids as well as Rosie, his ex-sister. In 1997, his sister-in-law confessed to his heinous deeds to her husband. Jenni filed a case against her ex-husband as soon as she learned of the shocking news. He assumed a new alias and relocated to Riverside County, California. He received a life sentence of 31 years in jail. One count each of sexual abuse of children, repeated sex assault, and oral intercourse with children, totaling nine counts of crimes.

His whole family was in attendance for his trial. She showed her love and forgiveness for him, saying that her father had abused her for four years.

Trino Marin called Chiquis, his oldest daughter after she married Lorenzo Mendez in 2019 from jail. Chris has a YouTube channel where she has documented the whole process. Jacqui, Trino’s eldest daughter, was in town in 2017 when Trino saw her. Trino was able to go on with his life when Jacqui took photographs with him and claimed how she had forgiven her daughter’s father for the mistakes he had made. According to reports in 2018, Trino was freed due to his exemplary conduct. There is a lot of interest in finding out whether Trino is still alive and serving his time.

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