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Mastering the EDM Music with Alextoolex

Today, we will talk about the emerging EDM music artist from the Thailand. Making waves in the music industry with his unique and creative music content, Alextoolex rises high as a true-blue professional.

Music industry is blessed with numerous astonishing talent, and it is the platform who always have welcome young artists and caters the huge stage to explore their talent widely.

Each of his songs exudes his pure love and madness for writing, creating, and producing music, thrusting forward in the electronic dance music scene.

Author and Musician Farbod MasoudVaziri better known by his nickname Alextoolex began his love affair with the arts two decades ago when he started writing at just 15 years old. He discovered that his prose touched an inner part of his being, and he spent many years developing as an unknown ghostwriter.

Alextoolex rhythmic EDM but eclectic musical expression defies established norms and revibrates the senses with a mesmeric intimacy, not broadcast in traditional compositions, as can be felt in his latest release, “Future.”

For him, music and writing are soul-fulfilling endeavors that give him confidence, enriching his life and the lives of others who appreciate his works.

His artistic skills, pro knowledge of rhythm, determination for his work are some of his assets which has lead him towards his success ladder. He has worked for hours and hours to create unique tracks. He must be doing something right because his 1.5 million Instagram followers have launched his popularity into the stratosphere.

His aim is to create the type of music that will inspire you to have a good day, that will make you feel confident, uplift your mood, and put you in the right mindset to stay focused and get shit done.

Alextoolex is also looking forward to the opportunities he will have to learn and collaborate with other artists on projects in the future. With his commitment to learning and his excitement for the process, I think it’s safe to say we are all looking forward to the type of sound that will be created by instagram sensation Alextoolex.

If you would like to learn more about Alextoolex or contact him for booking or PR, you can follow his social media pages.



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