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The Indian web platform has started to produce some of the masterpieces in the world of movies and series for the past few years. It has finally come out of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law soap dynamics. To tell the truth, many Indian audiences started to get bored of the content which was being provided on daily television. The web series has saved us from the plight of watching the boring and cliché soaps of Indian television. In fact. Although2020 has been a very bad time for the world in most respects, the web series world on the OTT platform flourished to a great extent. We can introduce you to some of the best web series which have been available in Hindi. To know the best Hindi web series to watch,  this article can help you as a guide.

1. Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven is one of the best series which has educated and entertained the Indian masses during the pandemic. Big fat Indian weddings are always the catch of every marriage in India. There are several rules and regulations of the entire ceremony and when people decide to make their wedding day even more special, wedding planners are the key. This story revolves around the trophy wife of a very prospering businessman who decides to get her own business started on wedding planning and event management. She is supported by her close friend. But as the plotline evolves, we can see that it is not the story of our protagonist alone. There are several characters in the plot, each of them having its own plotline. It tries to cover issues like dowry and homosexual relations in the Indian background.

2. Patal Lok

Patal Lok is a masterpiece that has been shown on the platform of Amazon Prime. The entire series is quite nerve-wracking as it does not exclude the blood and gore from the entire sequence. What seems like a simple conspiracy to murder at the very beginning proves to be something much larger. Every character has its story which has evolved over the episodes. There are a few plot holes that have weakened the storyline at certain points. The story is very engaging and it has helped to attract a huge mass of viewers to the OTT platform. The show has also faced some criticism in the way it has portrayed the condition of Indian politics.

3. Panchayat

Panchayat is a relief from all of these crimes and serious stories. Panchayat has a very simple storyline which is even more simplified with the perfect acting of every lead and side character. The audiences have agreed that Panchayat is one of those series that left a soft and fuzzy feeling in the heart after viewing. The storyline makes sure that the audiences are well engrossed in the entire story. Despite being simple, the storyline does not have any major plot holes that can give away the plot. It has been a real treat to the eyes and heart with Panchayat during the hours of lockdown.

4. Special Ops

Indian action thrillers are never quite up to the mark with their poorly executed storylines and bad stunts. However, Special Ops has been an exception in this case. The story is written and directed by Neeraj Pandey who is quite well known for this realistic action drama. However, we would also like to add here that this show was never quite nail-biting for the audiences. The main characters are never thrown into a loop which would harm their existence to a great extent. Special Ops has failed to some extent as it has not been able to invoke the sympathy of the onlookers.

5. Ghoul

Although Ghoul was released quite a few years ago and it is not by any of the Indian directors, it must be talked about at this point. Unlike these other series, Ghoul was released on Netflix. This made the series unattainable to many of the watchers. The sheer fear which is induced by watching this supernatural thriller which is set in the dystopian world has made the series famous, not only in India but in the world. Radhika Apte has done a fine job in portraying the fear and anger of the vulnerable employee of the state. Every action is shown to have a consequence as the ghoul feeds on the insecurities and fears of the interrogators.

6. Flesh

It is never really possible for a layman like us to understand the gravity and adversity of the flesh and skin trade in different parts of the world. Flesh has taken advantage of this lack of knowledge and has tried to introduce us to a glimpse of the real activities that go on in the world of human trafficking. Since it was released on the OTT platform, censored views could be avoided very easily. The true nature of this horrible world was shown quite accurately by Flesh. Swara Bhaskar has done a splendid job in showcasing the character in which she was built.


The honorary mentions in this case can be Asur. It is one of the experimental and mythological thrillers which has entered the knife of cold fear into our hearts. Arshad Warsi being the perfectionist that he is has been able to hold the weaker areas of the plotline simply with his perfect skills of acting. Asur might not have been a masterpiece as such but it has created a place in our minds with its unusual storyline.

Thus, these are some of the binge-worthy web series that have been made in Hindi. Indian artists are in no way back from the foreign creators. What holds us back is the fear of failure as the audience is used to watching crass content on television. With time, the taste of the audience has also improved. It is now that the complex stories are receiving more popularity from the regular viewers. 

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