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Merchandise Ideas for Your Sports Club – Raise Funds from Fans

There’s nothing like grassroots sport; whether it’s football, baseball, cricket, rugby, or another sport, it’s fantastic to watch everyday people playing on a local field with friends and family watching and cheering along. The sad reality is that there’s not much money in grassroots sport, and teams are left raising cash for survival. This year, we think it’s the year of merchandise. If you have people coming to watch each week, why not kit them out with branded apparel?
As well as raising money for the club, selling merchandise will also get your team name into the public. With any luck, you’ll boost the local following and encourage good players to come and play. Here are some merchandise ideas for your sports club!

Coffee Mugs

As long as you have a logo and name, you can’t go wrong with coffee mugs. Sell them at games and make them available online; if you have five people using your branded mugs in different offices, this offers exposure to potentially dozens of people. The reason coffee mugs are so successful as merchandise items are because everybody uses them. Whether it’s around the house, office, school, factory, or hospital, coffee mugs are used by workers everywhere.


Just like coffee mugs, everybody needs a backpack once in a while. While some use it for picnics, others take one to work, on a walk, or just to carry items when out and about. By selling these to supporters, you’ll get your team name in front of thousands.


In recent years, caps have gone beyond being functional. These days, they’re fashionable too. If you’re going to choose this option, we urge you to think carefully about the design. Just because your team plays in yellow, this doesn’t mean people will want to walk around in a bright yellow cap. Instead, perhaps you can have your team’s secondary/accent color as the primary color on the lid with the yellow featuring only slightly? Either way, caps are another way to raise money and awareness for your sports club.

Drinks Bottles

Today, everybody understands the importance of exercise, and we seem to be on a bit of an exercise hype. With this, people need to stay hydrated – they can do so with one of your sports bottles. Another reason we love this idea is that kids love to take their sports bottles into school. If you have several kids all sporting a bottle from their favorite club, this is brilliant exposure for the team.


When friends and family come along to watch, it’s a great feeling. However, we often don’t think of the experience from their perspective, especially when they’re standing in the freezing cold. Therefore, another brilliant merchandise idea is a scarf. Whenever they come to watch, supporters are cheering on their team while also wearing the right colors.


Similar to caps, beanies have gone from being functional to fashionable. With this in mind, it’s the final of our suggestions today. Sell some beanies and get people wearing them when walking about town.

Choosing a Provider

If you like the idea of selling merchandise, we recommend partnering with a reliable provider. At AIRX Teamwear (https://airxteamwear.com.au/), they’re accustomed to helping sports teams with not only merchandise but with their kits too. Thankfully, you can customize every creation and design kits and merchandise that really works for you. Whether you want tracksuits, beanies, or a whole football uniform, they can help. Feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns today!

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