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Messi-Iniesta to return to Barcelona

Messi-Iniesta to return to Barcelona

Barcelona have brought old player Dani Alves back to the new camp. He left the Catalan club in 2016. Will Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta return to Bar্sa like Alves? Barcelona president Juan Laporta does not want to rule out the possibility.

On 12 November, the Catalan club brought to the fore the issue of the contract with Dani Alves. His exhibition was held on Wednesday (November 18). Laporta talked about Messi and Iniesta on that occasion. Dani is back, he said. In this predicament of the club he has agreed to back here. Thanks Alves, for coming here again.

Laporta gave the fans a little fun during the Dani Alves show. He said Alves could be as good as Messi and Iniesta. Laporta also acknowledged that many have contributed to keep the club in the best of Qatar. Messi and Iniesta are among them. The club president believes that in the recent past they too can return to the new camp. Because they are still playing. If the Messi-Iniesta contract with their respective clubs expires, Barsa may take cognizance of the matter.

Meanwhile, two weeks ago, Lionel Messi expressed his desire to return to Barcelona.

But not as a player, he wants to work in the role of technical secretary in Barcelona.In an interview with Spanish media Sport, Messi said he wanted to return to Barcelona, ​​”Yes, I want to return to the Catalan club. There is a desire to work in the role of Technical Secretary in New Camp. I always say that I am very interested in helping Barcelona.

Messi is one of the best in the world of football, from the supporters to the critics will probably admit this without any argument. Who would want to miss the opportunity to have such a footballer as a technical secretary? Can Barcelona avoid him? Messi does not know the answer to this question. If not, what else would he say, I don’t know how many possibilities there are. But I want to help this club again. Because this is the one club I love the most. Let them do well, that’s what I want all the time. And if it is with my help then I stand on one foot.

Didier Desam’s team entered the field relying on the confidence to win the last match.

Although the rhythmic French performance in the first half was completely faded. In the 5th minute of the match, the goalkeeper of Finland blocked the shot of forward Musa. Griezmann missed the chance in the 22nd minute. After that in the goal miss practice and in the first half the French forwards could not find the address of the net.However, after the break, the French should come out. Diaby was picked up by France coach Deschamps in the 57th minute. In the next minute, the Real Madrid forward’s shot was gloved by the Finnish goalkeeper.

The world champions broke the deadlock in the remaining 6 minutes. Karim Benzema gave the team the lead with the help of MBAP.

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