Messi will play against City today?

Lionel Messi has a knee injury. He has not played in the last two matches for PSG in the French league. Will Messi play against Manchester City in the Champions League today? The matter is not entirely certain. But hopefully, he is in the PSG team. Practiced with full vigor yesterday.

Messi did not suffer a knee injury.  Coach Mauricio Pachettino has said he will wait until the last minute for Messi, “We will make the final of the first XI tomorrow (today). But I think Messi will be in the squad. ‘

After leaving Barcelona in August to join PSG, Messi has played three matches. Although the first match of the French league came as a substitute, he played against Bruges in the Champions League from the beginning. In that match, the chemistry with Neymar-Mbappe could not be combined. However, he did not play very badly. He could have scored a goal in the match. One of his shots hit the crossbar and came back. Criticism has already started about Messi. Critics have even started talking about whether Messi will succeed PSG at all.

Pachettino is annoyed by such talk. “Since Messi has left his long-time club Barcelona, ​​the PSG coach has reminded everyone that he needs to be given a chance to adapt to the PSG.” He has spent 20 years at Barcelona. It is only natural that Messi would consider Barcelona as his home. Everything is new to him in Paris. He didn’t set foot here very long ago. He has to be given time. ‘

“We are talking about the best player in the world. But, saying that, you need to understand that he is a man like us that needs to adapt to the new club. The family needs to adapt to the new society and new culture. There are many things. Let people work, let the player adapt and start to feel at home. He was at Barcelona for 20 years. It is normal that he feels at home in Barcelona. Now everything is new. He arrived not too long ago,” added the PSG boss.

Marco Verratti can return to the PSG XI today. The Italian midfielder has returned from injury. He has been included in the squad for the match against Manchester City. Pachettino is happy to get Veratti, ‘We haven’t thought about the XI yet. Veratti is back from injury. The last few days he has done well in practice sessions. He will be in the squad. He may be in the XI. ‘

The rest of the PSG has settled quite a score against City. City have won each of the last three matches. This includes the semifinals of the Champions League last season. PSG will start from a little behind in this match. Coach Pachettino said without hesitation, “What I’m saying is true. This is not my opinion. PSG has not yet become a full-fledged team. We are improving. I think City will play under the best coach in the world.

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