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Metal Detecting Is a Popular Hobby

Metal Detecting Is a Popular Hobby

Metal detecting is a popular hobby, and it can be really exciting to find something new and unique with your metal detector. But if you want the best metal detecting finds possible, then there are some steps that you need to take in order to maintain your equipment. In this blog post, we will discuss 4 ways that you can keep your metal detector running smoothly so that you get the most out of every adventure!

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Tips and Tricks to Take Care of Your Equipment For Better Metal Detecting Finds:
When you buy equipment from a metal detector store, the machine usually comes with a manual that you can read to learn how to operate it. But, like every other manual, people make the mistake of throwing it away. Don’t do that as it can be a life saver. Let’s learn how to safely store and maintain your metal detector.

Protect it from sunlight:

Direct sunlight can heat up the metal detector and cause internal damage that you may not be able to see. The plastic parts of the body can melt under high heat and a change as little as 5 degrees Celsius can cause the machine to show wrong results. It’s also best if you store them in a cool and dry place to keep moisture away at the same time. Moisture can corrode exposed metal parts and slowly deteriorate the quality.

Store your equipment in a safe place:

Metal detectors are not cheap. That’s why it is important to take the necessary safety precautions when storing them. A metal detector can be stored on any shelf, but you should make sure that there isn’t anything heavy or sharp near where you’ve placed it. If something falls onto your machine, then this could damage some of its parts and stop it from working properly. You don’t want to have an accident with one of these machines so keep them out of harm’s way!

We believe you should invest in quality metal detecting equipment and consider buying from reliable and quality sources like Teknetics Direct to ensure the best experience.

Maintain batteries correctly for better results:

The batteries in metal detectors need to maintain power if they are going to work properly when being used for extended periods of time. So, once you get home after a long day of detecting, you should change the batteries in your detector. This ensures that it is ready to go once the sun comes up and you plan on using it outside again! If you are using rechargeable batteries, make sure you don’t overcharge them. Maintain a state of charge between 20 and 80% as it can ensure good longevity of the battery.

Regular Cleaning:

Regular cleaning is an important step that you need to do after using your metal detector. You should clean the exterior of it with a damp cloth and mild soap solution so that there isn’t any dust or dirt on its surface which could affect how well it functions.

Also, make sure to brush off excess sand particles from inside the metal detector’s coil as they can cause false signals when being used. Some metal detectors are water resistant which means a splash of water here and there won’t do any damage but it’s better to keep them away from it.

If you follow all of the above mentioned tips, you can greatly reduce the risk of your machine going bad and not working when you need it to. Metal detectors are sensitive equipment and they are supposed to be since they detect small metals buried deep underground. They require you to take good care of them. If you made it to the end of this article, we believe you are more than prepared to maintain your detector properly. So, go out there and bring your best metal detecting finds back home!

For further information, visit the FAQs section below.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How can I improve my metal detector findings?

Here are a few tips to improve metal detecting:

Don’t swing the detector on its side as this can cause it to give false signals
Don’t leave signals no matter how faint or deep, you never know what’s under there!
Keep metallic objects away from your detector
Center the detector properly

Steel is a hard one to detect due to its poor electrical conductivity. Since it has low magnetic permeability, it can be hard to show up on your detector. What is the best setting for a metal detector? It’s a nice balance between good detection and battery life. However, you could crank it up whenever you want.

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