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Most Popular And Free To Use Blog And Website Builder Software

Most Popular And Free To Use Blog And Website Builder Software

What is WordPress? WordPress is the easiest, most popular and free to use blog and website builder software. WordPress is the blogging platform with the most users in the world. More than 30% of websites in the world are made using WordPress, it is predicted that this percentage will continue to rise. Blog And Website Builder Software An Introduction to What a Website is and Its Functions, Benefits and How to Make It WordPress is also very easy to learn.

What is WordPress Blog And Website Builder Software?
The definition of WordPress above is a simple understanding of WordPress. But if you want to go a little deeper and in detail, let’s look at the technical meaning of WordPress. WordPress is a PHP and MySQL based content management system (CMS) typically used with MySQL or MariaDB database servers but can also use the SQLite database engine. Are you confused? Blog And Website Builder Software You don’t need to understand the technical definition above. You simply know that WordPress is one of the software for creating blogs and websites.

How to Create a Blog on WordPress for Free Creating a blog using WordPress is free. It is the same with Blogspot. You can see the following article, how to create a WordPress blog!

What’s the Difference Between And Both of these things must be quite confusing, if you access WordPress from a search engine, either Google or other. You will find two similar websites namely and This is often confusing especially for beginners who are new to the world of blogging. The use of both does have different purposes and users.

com: is a hosting company that uses the WordPress content management system for all blogs created on it. You can get the default package for free, but if you want a custom one, you have to pay. is the website used if you want to create a self-hosted site on WordPress. Through users can download the WordPress platform and get many free themes and plugins. WordPress must use PHP and MySQL in order to activate and function properly. You can also take advantage of a WordPress hosting package for maximum CMS performance.

Advantages of WordPress
WordPress has its advantages and is still the main choice for those who want to create a website without the need to be a programmer. Several advantages have indeed been embedded in WordPress since its launch in 2003 and continue to grow. The following are some of the advantages of the WordPress platform:

1. Easy to Use for Beginners
The main advantage of WordPress is that it is easy to use for beginners. Anyone who wants to build a website but doesn’t understand HTML can use this. No more having to be a programmer to create a website. Take advantage of WordPress to design a professional website as you wish.

2. Have a Broad Community
In quantity, WordPress controls 30% of all websites in the world. That way WordPress will definitely have the largest market share. So, it’s no wonder that WordPress provides a forum for discussion among users. In this forum you can get new ideas, knowledge, and how to optimize WordPress. There are two types of forums, namely online and offline. For beginners, you can visit this forum to learn anything related to WordPress. There the members update each other’s knowledge again. There are also several tutorials that can be accessed for learning materials.

3. There are Many Tutorials
Apart from the WordPress forums, you can find many tutorials on WordPress on other sites. Easy to use WordPress to get people to share their knowledge. WordPress tutorials can be found in the form of articles or videos.

4. Many Additional Functions with Plugins Take advantage of the plugins provided by WordPress. There are many options according to your needs and desires. For example, if you want to optimize SEO, then there is the Yoast SEO plugin. These two plugins are just a few of the existing plugins. On other platforms there are not necessarily these facilities. In addition to the variety, all the plugins can be used for free. There is no need for additional costs to make the website more attractive and interactive.

5. Theme Choice Many developers of WordPress themes, both from within the country and abroad.

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6. Cheap
Very cheap because users only need to pay for the domain and web hosting to use it. Software and most of the plugins and themes can be obtained free of charge or free without paying.

7. Design at Will
You can design your web pages however you want by using a page builder plugin. With this plugin, your web display will be unique, different from the others. There are tons of page builders for WordPress. both free and paid. You just choose the most suitable for you. Many are not the advantages that WordPress provides to users. In addition to the above advantages, WordPress of course also has some disadvantages. The following are the drawbacks of the WordPress platform to be aware of As well as installing security plugins.

2. Third Party Content
To overcome this, before deciding to install a new plugin or template, it would be better to read it carefully first. From the explanations and reviews, you will get a lot of input and consideration. If you still have doubts about the credibility of the plugin and template, you can contact CS.

3. Long Loading Time
For novice users usually experience slow loading. This will happen if a website installs too many plugins, the website will be slower. For this reason, WordPress users must learn how to optimize website speed. One way to overcome this is to install a caching plugin as well. However, if you look closely, the advantages are still more than the disadvantages. WordPress is the answer for anyone who wants to create a website or blog. Whether a professional, a learner, or a layman at all can use WordPress for starters. WordPress is the most popular and most used blogging software in the world.

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