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Muhibullah is responsible for the murder and our security

Muhibullah is responsible for the murder and our security

Muhibullah also came to Bangladesh in 2016 with more than one million Rohingyas to save their lives from the torture and killing of the army of neighboring Myanmar. Bangladesh gives shelter to those Rohingyas who have left their homes for humanitarian reasons.

Muhibullah’s name did not appear in public until 2019 when he started talking about the repatriation of Rohingyas to Myanmar, especially with regard to their security and dignity. Within a few days, his leadership made him a favorite of most Rohingyas.

In a short period of time
he not only became the undisputed leader of the Rohingya, but also became an acceptable figure in many countries and organizations because of his extremely positive role for the Rohingya people. He was even invited by the US Congress and met with the US President.

It is known that Muhibullah was a teacher
His gentle nature, simplicity and unique personality took him to the hearts of the Rohingyas. They did not even think that anyone could kill their well-known ‘Muhibullah Master’ in such a way.

He was a staunch opponent of sabotage or terrorist activities. For whatever reason, he suddenly began to reduce his participation in various social and welfare activities of the Rohingya from last year. He may have realized that he may have to pay a heavy price at any time for being vocal in the Rohingya crisis. However, he did not inform our concerned authorities about these matters.

We know that Muhibullah, a Rohingya politician and social activist, was shot dead in his office in Kutupalong camp on September 29, 2021. We were not only shocked but also shocked to learn of the incident. When we give shelter to Rohingyas, it is our responsibility to keep them safe.

The security arrangements of the Rohingya camps
being questioned for a good reason. Can our authorities deny responsibility for the security of these camps? Can anyone assure that similar or more horrific violence will not happen in the future?

A few days after the incident
If they were aware of this, did they take the necessary action? Regarding the reason for Muhibullah’s assassination, the minister said that Muhibullah was vocal about the repatriation of Rohingyas to Myanmar.

We know that the divisions and inter-party
strife among the Rohingyas in these camps are increasing day by day. The number of different parties and factions is increasing. There, drug trafficking and trafficking, kidnapping, human trafficking, crimes against women and other crimes have become commonplace.

There have even been clashes between Rohingyas and locals. Our concerned authorities are well aware of these incidents. It is also heard that after sunset, the activities inside the camps no longer run as a routine, then the camps come under the control of different groups.

There is no denying that large quantities
of drugs are entering Bangladesh from Myanmar in various ways, including the Rohingya. If the information of our Home Minister is true, firearms are also coming to Bangladesh from Myanmar.

Undoubtedly, this makes us panic
There are also reports that Myanmar artisans are hiding in the mountains near the Myanmar border during the day and in the dark of night they are making firearms for various Rohingya groups.

Who knows if some of these firearms are not reaching our people. Needless to say, there are definitely huge money transactions. In addition, some Rohingya are involved in espionage, robbery and murder for money. These incidents are a matter of great concern not only for the Rohingyas but also for us.

Our concerned authorities need to know whether any intelligence agent of Myanmar is conducting anti-Bangladesh activities in disguise of Rohingyas.

A few days ago, the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh
Told the media that the government will no longer tolerate these criminal activities. He said that in case of drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms smuggling or any other destructive and illegal activities in the border areas, the law enforcement agencies of Bangladesh will shoot.


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