Nakano Eriko and Imran Sharif are both seeking a compromise

Nakano Eriko and Imran Sharif are both seeking a compromise

Nakano Erico and Imran Sharif are both seeking a compromise. No one wants to lose children. Nakano Erico came to meet the children at the Women’s Support Center on Thursday. On the way back, he and his lawyer Shishir Monir spoke to reporters At that time, the father of the children from Japan, Imran Sharif, was waiting in the reception room of the Women’s Support Center. Erico Nakano had a question for reporters, what does he want at the moment? In response, he said, “Children.” His lawyer Shishir Monir also spoke seeking a compromise to reporters. He also issued a written statement on behalf of Erico.

“It’s not easy,” Shishir said. We are in favor of dialogue and understanding. Hopefully, we will try to resolve it through negotiations in the shortest possible time. I can give you good news.

Erico Nakano, a Japanese citizen, got married to Bangladeshi-American Imran Sharif in 2006. They have three children. Imran Sharif, the father of the children, said that these children have the citizenship of Bangladesh, Japan and America at the same time. Both parents have gone to court seeking custody of their children.

In January of this year, Erico Nakano began the process of divorce. However, they have not yet formally parted ways. How is the Women’s Support Center? In response to such a question, Erico asked a counter question. He wants to know, ‘What do you think?’

Then he said, there is no management like five star hotel. But the place is clean and safe seeking a compromise. They are good. He thanked the officers in charge of management.

Earlier, lawyer Shishir Monir said that the first children took a bath at the Women’s Support Center today. Erico said he didn’t know about it.

Meanwhile, Imran Sharif said, his children are not well. They do not drink water for fear of going to the toilet. He doesn’t even take a bath. Have become very depressed. Erico Nakano’s lawyer quoted Shishir Monir as saying in a statement that some issues had come up in the last few days.

Of these, buying a flat in Japan, divorce and family culture are notable. His client has tried not to make his personal allegations public. But want to give a polite answer to the issue raised. If not, it may create smoke.

Regarding buying a flat, Nakano said he was in an apartment in Tokyo from 2012 to 2016. The monthly rent of that apartment was four thousand dollars. Imran’s company Unica used to rent the apartment. They had to give up the flat because of a development project by the Japanese government. The government paid two million US dollars in compensation.

Nakano said he and Imran bought the apartment they later moved into. Imran tried to take a loan.‌ He did not get a loan. That’s why Nakano Erico took the help of his father Kajo. Kajoa paid 80 percent of the flat. He took the rest with a bank loan.

The flat is named Kajwar. Imran agreed to pay him seven thousand dollars a month. Imran used to pay five thousand and Nakano two thousand US dollars. Kajwar is 65 years old. After his death, Imran’s family inherited the flat.

Imran repaid the loan by May 2020. Then he did not pay till September. In October, he paid 2,800. After that he did not pay any more money. Kazua has filed a case in the court.
So far they have not divorced. Imran and Nakano are married in two religions.

Regarding the statement sent by the lawyer, he said that some of the information is true, some is partially false and some is outright false. Luxurious: The flat was not bought with his consent. He has no ownership in that flat. Nakano Erico kicked him out of the house in one piece.
Not only did he renew the children’s passports, Nakano Erico did.

Nakano Erico alleges Imran picked up his two children on his way home from school and took them to Bangladesh with new passports. The Japanese court ruled that the children would remain in the custody of the mother. Leaving one child in Japan, he came to Bangladesh through Sri Lanka.

He was scheduled to appear in the high court on August 31 with his children. Earlier on August 22, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police brought the children from Imran’s house in Baridhara. She has had two children at the Women’s Support Center since that night.

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