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natural oil of the skin is lost

natural oil of the skin is lost

You can’t take a bath every day with soap. The natural oil of the skin is lost. Instead, just take a bath with water.  Popular Hollywood couple Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher comment on bathing. At a podcast, they were asked if they bathed frequently. And that is the answer. Hollywood stars are very crazy about bathing. For example, Johnny Depp. The star swears months or months without taking a bath. Brad Pitt doesn’t even touch soap or body gel easily! Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis were mentioned. But what do they do with the children. ‍Kutcher said, ‘The fact is, when you see dirt on them, clean it. Besides, don’t think of touching the water!

After talking on the show, Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis posted a funny video on Instagram. There too they came to know about their bathing habits. As seen in the video, the children are taking a bath. Their mother Mila Kunis is taking care of them. This time Aston Kutcher said, ‘Are you pouring water on the children? Will you melt them with water? ‘ Kutcher has a smile on his face, a joke in his eyes. Mila Kunis is also smiling when she hears the question. Meanwhile, the children are shouting in the bathroom. “I’m bathing the kids,” Kunis said. It seems like the fourth time in a week! ‘ Kunis later remarked, ‘Yeah it’s definitely more.’ And Kutcher said, ‘The oil will go away from their bodies. What are you trying to do?

After this incident, a group of Hollywood stars came forward with a bath again. Some are for bathing, some are against. For example, Jack Gillenhall admitted to Vanity Fair that taking a bath was not a necessary thing for him. He said, ‘There is a different world for those who do not take a bath. And it helps a lot to keep the skin looking good. We clean ourselves naturally.

However, not all Hollywood stars are in this team. Don’t take Dwayne Johnson’s The Rock. He confirmed on social media that he has always been interested in bathing. Rock wrote on Twitter, ‘No. I am against the stars who do not take a bath. I get out of bed and take a bath with cold water. Even before going out to work, I take a bath with lukewarm water. And after returning from work, I take a bath in hot water. I use face wash, body wash, I rub my body. I also sing songs. ‘

Not just rock, this team includes Chris Evans, Cardi Bira.

Samira said, ‘People do a lot of things from the outside. Everything can no longer be revealed to the people. Don’t want to. With age, with time, with experience comes some change in human life. It could come even if I was with my second husband. That doesn’t mean my second husband is bad, arguing with him. Divorced through understanding. We have three sons and daughters. Ishtiaq thought that our children should not suffer because of us. We both decided to get married after talking to our children. I also talked to my parents. We took the time. We’re not kids, mature enough. So I did not want to arrange the marriage
The two are now staying at Ishtiaq’s home in the Pink City area.
Ishtiaq said, ‘We are happy. Samira, Mushtaq (Wise) and my family demanded that our children should not be harmed in any way due to separation. We want that prayer from everyone so that we can continue that effort. We know what is in the best interest of everyone.

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