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NERDS Collective Is Redefining Success With Youth Marketing

As organizations seek new methods to thrive and increase sales, youth marketing is gaining popularity. Everyone these days is aware of how kids have the ability to create an influence in practically any business owing to their new way of interacting. Marketing was not always as simple as it is today, and even then, it was difficult to establish a brand in the business since individuals were scared to attempt new ideas.

However, as social media has taken over, corporations have adjusted their marketing strategies by incorporating a fun factor. In reality, not any marketing in general, but just youth marketing is effective in attracting nearly every generation. If they like your product, the new generation is quite effective at marketing it to their followers. Not only that, but kids can also persuade adults to buy the product by emphasizing all of its benefits.

An effective marketing firm is one that listens to youth requests and incorporates them into its plan to attain new heights of success. Thus, the NERDS collective has taken it upon themselves to integrate this method in order to enhance sales for its clients, and it is doing miracles so far.

NERDS Collective: What Is It All About?

NERDS Collective is a London-based marketing agency led by Luke Hudson, whose purpose is to change the marketing world. “We are a specialist collective that uses hyper-nuanced cultural intelligence to place brands at the heart of street culture whilst empowering its grassroots communities.”Established in 2013, the agency employs a unique technique in which they collect enormous amounts of youth-centric data as well as youth-specific expertise to create ads based on what is currently popular among Generation Z. Furthermore, they especially target inner-city residents and grassroots communities by providing a message about how a certain product may make a difference in their everyday lives through culture first work streams. People residing in such sections of the country have the purchasing power to bring revolution to a brand.Puma, Nike, Adidas, Chivas Regal, Havana Club, Budweiser, JBL, Beats By Dre, Levi’s Strauss, The North Face, Lacoste, Lynx, Barbour, and Snipes are just a few of the customers NERDS has worked with over the years.

Distinctive Methodology

NERDS has developed a four-step system to verify that their partners’ investment is based on a credible opportunity:

  • Diagnose – The Challenge
  • Test – Hypothesis
  • Prescribe – Strategic Recommendations
  • Apply – Creative Solutions

They typically divide the company strategy into four parts to ensure success rather than rushing in blindly without sufficient study and application. Each stage is full ofyouth insight gained via rigorous research, in which they inform them about the things they are looking forward to. They then apply these findings to develop engaging tactics and innovative solutions.

They have actually reinvented youth marketing with all of their tactics. Working on strategies created by the kids themselves and incorporating them into methods has actually helped them to achieve success and work with such well-known names in the business. If you want to increase your brand’s sales, check its website to ensure success.

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