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new corona virus strains emerging in the united states

new corona virus strains emerging in the united states

Almost a year after the outbreak, Govt-19 spreads rapidly in the United States emerging, with the emergence of new strains of the virus. Last week, researchers in Ohio said they had identified two distinct species in Columbus?

Experts agree that the emerging of new strains in the United States is not surprising, but stresses that the untested spread of the virus in the country offers ample opportunities to change it. Therefore, the best way to eradicate new species is to prevent the spread.

Full protection against corona virus outbreak The only way [stop emergence of new variants] That fact must be taken into account. Every time the virus responds, it’s an opportunity to change,’ he said.

When the corona virus infects a person, it enters the cells and makes copies of it. ‘Every time the virus copies itself, there is a chance of introducing bugs,’ Pimper said. ‘If the virus responds to people, it will slowly accumulate mutations.’

Often, these errors or mutations are meaningless. On the other hand, some mutations may weaken the virus.

It is unclear how the two recently identified types in Ohio will affect how the virus works. In the study, the researchers examined the genetic makeup of more than 220 corona virus samples obtained in the Columbus area from April 2020 to January 2021.  This variation does not come from someone from abroad; Conversely, by analyzing other small changes in the genetic code of the variant, the researchers were able to determine whether it emerged independently in the United States.

‘Your big pool [susceptible] Patients are more likely to survive and develop a mutation, ‘he said. ‘It has to pass from person to person, so if you don’t get too much infection in the population [because of vaccination], And then a significant mutation may also occur, because the infected person does not spread the virus to anyone else. ‘

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However, the report states that ‘there is a strong potential for diversity in the United States;  But ‘we must insist on minimizing the exchange of all types, regardless of the differences that emerge,’ Rasmussen said. That means wearing a mask, avoiding crowds and adhering to good hand hygiene.

Pimper acknowledged that making any decisions about the differences found in Ohio was too quick.

‘This is a very fast moving place and it really takes time to evaluate the effects of these new varieties,’ he said. ‘This will not be the last, and of course new types will appear as the virus will infect more people.’

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