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New Smartwatch Animates WorkOut Results in Gym and Sports

New Smartwatch Animates WorkOut Results in Gym and Sports

A good gym smartwatch can do many things – monitor the user’s health, keep them connected and more. The Smart Fit Band made by T1 Tact Watch Co [ all tact watch news ] is one smartwatch that looks promising. It might be able to please even the pickiest watch users.

This animated smartwatch is jam-packed with features that are useful and easy to use. It is sleek and smart but may just outperform most of its competition. 

Sporty and active smartwatch users know what they have to look for in a watch that will last them for years. The Smart Fit Band will be able to check all the right boxes with ease.

T1 Tact Watch Features Ideal For Workouts

The display of this smartwatch is admirable – it is colorful and the symbols are nice and big. Even users with some sight issues won’t struggle to navigate and use the watch.

Unique and easily understandable animated visuals are shown with each mode of the watch to motivate the user.

With a color 240×135 resolution display, keeping track of activity is easy and convenient. The touch control adds to this convenience and ease of use.

Often, bright and vibrant color in smartwatches come at a price – poor battery life. The T1 Tact Watch has a strong 150mAh (polymer) Lithium battery that will last longer than expected. Better battery life means more convenience and less hassle.

This gym smartwatch has monitors built-in that will help the user stay alert and informed about their body’s health condition. Heart rate, blood oxygen and blood pressure are measured constantly for real-time monitoring.

Many people like to take photos of their exercise routines and the Smart Fit Band comes with a feature that allows it to access phone cameras via Bluetooth. 

The watch is compatible with all Android and iOS devices so it’s able to connect with just about any device.

Features That Simplify Exercise

The technological fitness functions of the T1 Tact Watch can greatly enhance the training experience of the wearer.

The pedometer is seen as one of the best to be found in a gym smartwatch. On top of that, the distance tracker will keep the wearer informed of their activity and achievements. 

No good smartwatch would be complete without a proper stopwatch and this one has an easy-to-use timer.

The calorie counter is ideal for gym users who are also trying to keep track of what they eat. This is a helpful feature that assists in getting the best results in their training plan.

Proper sleep is vital for a healthy and active person but keeping track of sleep habits isn’t always easy. The sleep tracker allows users to monitor their sleeping patterns and use the data for health check-ups and medical advice. 


Staying in touch during exercise is important in this day and age of constant messaging and work or business meetings.

T1 Tact Watch co. (@T1TactWatch)  has made sure to keep wearers of their newest watch in contact with the world. They’ll be connected even when out jogging or hiking. The smartwatch is able to display missed emails, calls and texts. 

Keeping an eye on social media activity helps to ensure that the wearer never feels ‘out of the loop’.

In general, using this sleek and technologically-loaded smartwatch is likely to be a pleasure. Loaded with health features, it benefits the user while helping them stay fit and healthy.

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