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Neymar Killian Mbappe And Anhel Di Maria Were Already In The Attack

Neymar Killian Mbappe And Anhel Di Maria Were Already In The Attack

Neymar, Killian Mbappe and Anhel Di Maria were already in the attack. Lionel Messi has joined that team this season. In the eyes of many, the idea that PSG would flood the opponent by getting the best footballer of all time and destroy the opponent’s defense was not unreasonable. But after almost half of the season is gone, these three have not been able to show much yet.

The draw for the last 16 of the Champions League will be held tomorrow. PSG, who studied in the same group with Manchester City, came second in the group. As a result, PSG will have to face the top teams of the other group in the last 16. As much as they are worried about this, PSG has also worried about other superpowers. However, former German midfielder Didi Haman has no worries about PSG. His idea is that the opposition teams will be relieved to have Messi-Neymar-Mbappe.

The last two seasons have seen PSG-Bayern Munich doubles in the Champions League. Bayern beat PSG in the final of the 2020 Champions League to win their sixth Champions League. And last season the two teams met in the quarter finals. PSG smiled at the winner of the service for scoring more goals on the opponent’s field. The two teams are likely to meet in the last 16 this season.

Haman was questioned about this. The former Bayern and Liverpool midfielder is happy with the prospect. In his words, if PSG gets ahead, Bayern will easily reach the quarter finals. Sky Sports Germany asked Haman to choose a potential opponent for Bayern in the last 16. Champions League winners Haman have chosen PSG for Europa and Liverpool for Bayern.

Why? Haman explained: “It would be nice to see Paris Saint-Germain play Bayern Munich again. However, I do not think that as long as Messi, Mbappe, Neymar are playing together, they are a dangerous team. The three of them have to play (in a big match like the one against Bayern), they will play, but it doesn’t work out.

No rhythm can be found in the game of PSG this season. Messi-Neymar-Mbappe are in the attack. The Maria is also coming down with him. But almost all of them are not so effective in snatching the ball from the opponent. As a result, playing these four is putting a lot of pressure on PSG’s defense and midfield. As a result, the whole team’s game has become chaotic.

In the last few matches, Neymar’s injury has forced coach Mauricio Pachettino to field a different team. PSG is able to play three traditional midfielders in the middle by bringing The Maria to attack three. Pachettino’s team played well in the last match of the group stage.
Pachettino, however, would like to play against Bayern Munich with these three. Because, with these three, PSG has lost to Manchester City in the group. Haman, however, is not aware of the outcome of the match. “The win against Man City was an exception. Because, on that day, PSG showed unearthly performance in terms of defense.

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