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Norway is not in Qatar World Cup, neither is Holland

Norway is not in Qatar World Cup, neither is Holland

Erling Brat Holland of Norway is considered one of the most talented in the current football world. His team did not make it to the semi-finals of the Qatar World Cup qualifiers in Peru, so he will not be seen at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Norway lost 2-0 to the Netherlands on Tuesday (November 18) in their last match of the European World Cup qualifiers. As a result of this rate, Holland dropped out of the race to get a ticket for the World Cup in Qatar. Although he did not play against the Dutch that day. The Netherlands has confirmed their lost World Cup ticket. This team could not overcome the obstacle of the qualifying round in the last edition.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal are also worried about playing in the Qatar World Cup. After the 2-1 loss to Serbia, there are fears about Portugal. Serbia have been knocked out of Group A of the 2022 FIFA World Cup after losing to the Portuguese. Spain has also confirmed Qatar’s World Cup from Group B. Morata’s goal in the 6th minute at the ground of Sevilla defeated the Spaniards by a minimum margin.

Qatar needed only one point to play directly in the World Cup. The opponent is Serbia. In Lisbon, the home ground of the match, all the controllers relied on Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo must not have thought of drawing with the Serbs.

The start of the Portuguese on the field was also in Daputa. The hosts are attacked in the guest camp before anything is understood. Renato Sanchez took the lead in the 2nd minute of the match. Goalkeeper Bernardo Silva. The Selecao did not rely on the field even with the lead. The Santos disciples continued to attack to widen the gap.


The Serbian defense has been frozen by the initial push. The guests also went for counter attack realizing the opportunity. Finally, in the 33rd minute, the desired moment came for the Serbs. Dusan Tadic became the savior and brought the team back to parity with the help of Lukic. The first half ended 1-1. In the end, Ronaldo’s team had to accept defeat.

The match between the two teams was held on September 25 at the Bunyadkar Stadium in Uzbekistan. Where the main match ends in a goalless draw. Then the match ended in a penalty shootout. Jordan’s two hard shots were returned by Iran’s goalkeeper Johreh Kaudei. Jordan claims he is a man. They also demanded an investigation by the AFC into Johrer’s gender.

Prince Ali bin Al Hossain, president of the Jordanian Football Federation, said in a tweet that he would launch an investigation into the matter. He described the issue as “very serious”. That is why he urged FIFA to take appropriate action. Ali has previously served as vice president of FIFA, the world’s governing body for football.

In retaliation, Iranian selector Mariam Irandost dismissed the allegations as baseless. According to him, Jordan has come up with such a discussion to cover the wounds of the rate.

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