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Not Getting The Web Traffic You Need

Not Getting The Web Traffic You Need

Not getting the web traffic you need? You can learn a lot about what might be driving customers away from your website by looking at website statistics. For example, if your website is slow, about 40% of internet users will stop engaging with it. Chances are, a few simple upgrades will help to increase web traffic. What if your website works well, has a great interface, and you’re still not seeing results? It’s time to find ways to advertise your website.

Read on for five proven ways to advertise your site and increase site traffic.

1. Share Your Links on Social Media
By now, you’ve hopefully got a few social media accounts for your business. Yes, posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will help to boost brand recognition, but is it driving people to your website? Upgrade all of your accounts to gain access to features like the Instagram Story “Swipe Up” feature that makes the transition from your social media presence to your website seamless.

2. Use Blog Posts to Increase SEO
Share your expertise and take advantage of niche-relevant keywords to boost your SEO. Make sure that you understand the difference between a typical keyword and anchor text by checking out this post from The HOTH. The more strategic you are about your keywords and internal links, the more your SEO will flourish.

3. Give Guest Posts a Try
Find high-quality websites and platforms that invite guest post pitches and reach out. Guest posts are blog posts written for other websites. When you write guest posts, make sure that they’re relevant to your business and use backlinks that will take readers to your website to increase organic traffic and broaden your digital footprint.

4. Send Newsletters Via Email
When was the last time you reached out to your loyal customers? It’s important to keep broadening your customer base, but you should always do what you can to hold the attention and support of previous customers. Make sure that you’re sending regular newsletters via email that have at least one call to action and a link back to your website.

5. Get Your Press Releases in the Right Hands
Guest posts aren’t the only way to generate backlinks for your website. Online press releases also create opportunities to make big announcements and send readers directly to your site. Start compiling a list of local papers, industry-relevant blogs, and other digital presses that will publish your press releases and boost your website marketing efforts.

Advertise Your Website for Real Results
You’ve upgraded your website and tested it for user-friendliness. It’s passing all the tests, but you still aren’t seeing an increase in web traffic. Use these tips to advertise your website to drive up organic traffic and broaden your customer base. Looking for more ways to improve your business practices both online and off? Take a look around as we offer tips, tricks, industry news, and marketing statistics that will change the way that you do business.

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