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Now Kashmir separatist leader Geelani’s grandson loses government job

Now Kashmir separatist leader Geelani’s grandson loses government job

India previously booked Geelani’s family in an anti-terrorism law for allegedly chanting anti-New Delhi slogans and wrapping his body with Pakistan’s flag After evolving Kashmir incidents since the death of Indian-administered Kashmir’s separatist icon on September 1, India has now terminated a Kashmir grandson of Syed Ali Shah Geelani from a government job. Just few months before getting the government job, however, Anees had gone to Pakistan, sources alleged. There was no urgency to fill the post that had been vacant since 2005. Soon after his death, Indian authorities Kashmir imposed a lockdown in Kashmir and also blocked access to the Internet.

India booked Geelani’s family in a sweeping anti-terrorism law for allegedly chanting anti-New Delhi slogans and wrapping his body with Pakistan’s flag after he died. However, Indian police have refuted those allegations. Geelani, a popular figure in the region, spent over five decades fighting for self-determination for people in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

The news also came like a thunderbolt without clouds. Yes, he was sick, but at least the world didn’t know that the situation was really tense; On the contrary, the news of his recovery was getting in the media a few days ago. People understand that ’10’ is still there. But in the dugout on earth, the ‘coach’ in charge is quite berserk — what if he picked him up from the ‘field’! No transfer. He is not transferred. Probably no one else will come like him.

People understand that. Probably because he understands that the numbers 10 are scattered all over the world, but he turns his eyes and says that number 10 means not only numbers and passes, his 10 was alive! After putting on the jersey, the body would feel full. In fact, this ‘what if’ is just that ‘life’ seeing the delightful tricks of football that match the taste of the invisible life. In the eyes of people, Diego Maradona is the ‘God’ of that life. His absence means that the world is really number 10.

Winter nights are big. Although it was not cold that day, the night was getting bigger and bigger. After the news of Maradona’s death came, sleep escaped from the eyes of many and the leap of memory opened on its own. The rest is like a ‘scandal of the moon’ – at least to his supporters. By pressing it with a sigh, even today, maybe someone from any corner of the world is saying indistinctly, if there was Maradona, he would have said it, he would have said it.

 What a great end to what a great ending!

He confirmed his immortality in the 1986 World Cup, and in the 1990 World Cup final, he made everyone cry. And in the 1994 World Cup, Maradona proved that he is also a man of blood and flesh, he is also wrong. Then drugs took over the rest of the way. Only one thing never changed, death survived — Maradona’s face. Maradona used to say the straightforward thing. Whatever the praise or condemnation, he has said it openly.

And so these 10 months are equal to 10 years! How many things happened in the world at that time Lionel won the Copa America with Argentina, left Barcelona, ​​got sick a few times and came back every time. Not to mention that FIFA wants to host the World Cup for two consecutive years instead of four. If Maradona had been number 610, he would not have left! Simply put, he just washed.

Many miss such legendary behavior off the field. could not show Maradona the first title he won for the country. Maradona must have patted on the back out of affectionate sense of entitlement and said, now bring the World Cup too!


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