NSU holds webinar on how to get scholarships in Europe USA Canada

To develop the scholarships students’ skills, the Department of English and Modern Languages (DEML) of North South University (NSU) organized scholarships a Webinar entitled “How to Get Scholarship and Job for Higher Studies in Europe, USA, and Canada” on August 12. Md. Shahinur Alam Johnny was the Keynote Speaker of this one-and-a-half-hour-long webinar, and Mehedi Hasan, Senior Lecturer, DEML, NSU, hosted the event. The Business Standard powered the scholarships webinar with as the online media partner.

The Keynote Speaker Mr. Shahinur Alam, who is currently working as the Technical Solutions and Program Director of LM Ericsson, Europe, completed the General Management Program, one of the reputed and competitive executive education programs, from the world’s elite business school Harvard Business School. After studying in different colleges and universities in Bangladesh, a large number of students want to pursue their higher education from European or North American countries.

The webinar went with full enthusiasm and participation of the audience. Numerous queries came from the audience. The speaker progressively shed light on all the questions and gave step-by-step instructions to the audience. The Speaker, Mr. Shahinur Alam, first discussed the obstacles students might face in pursuing higher studies abroad.

He concluded his valuable speech by wishing a bright future to the students who wish to pursue higher studies abroad.

The Keynote Speakers of the webinar were Professor Dr Deena Forkan, Ms Sarah Asefa Zaman, and Ms Munira Nasreen Khan. They all are the Faculty Members of DEML, NSU. The Keynote Speakers have more than two decades of experience in IELTS and TEFL (English as a Foreign Language)/ ESL (English as a Second Language). Senior Lecturer of DEML, NSU, Md Mehedi Hasan hosted the event. was the online media partner of the webinar.

Professor Dr Deena Forkan shared a trick to do well in the speaking and reading modules of the IELTS exam: students can read out loud. This technique helps the candidates improve their pronunciation as well as reading skills quickly. Even the persuasive capacity of the candidate also increases by reading aloud. She added that she had prepared herself in this way and had seen her students get the expected results from such practice.

The candidates must explain everything in the speaking or writing test. The webinar went with full enthusiasm and participation of the audience. The audience dropped their queries in the comment section. Numerous questions came from the audience. The speakers shed light on all the questions. The guests also gave step-by-step instructions to the audience.

The workshop lasted for about one a half hours. The Host concluded the webinar by thanking everyone for joining the webinar and making it successful.

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