Nude photo shared by American actress, know what was the reason

Nude photo shared by American actress, know what was the reason

American singer, songwriter, actress and writer Margaret Lien Rhymes Sibryan recently raised awareness about skin disease with the help of her Instagram post.  Lien has posted two pictures of himself on Instagram in which some scars on his skin can be seen.

Margaret has written an emotional post along with this post in which she has said that she is suffering from psoriasis disease.  Common symptoms of this disease include itching in the affected normal organs of the body.  A crust-like upper layer on the skin may freeze or become red spots and rashes in the body.

Margaret said in her post that she is feeling very relieved by talking about her disease and sharing her photos with the help of these pictures.  He shared his story on World Psoriasis Day.  According to doctors, there is no complete cure for psoriasis, but it can be controlled or controlled to a large extent, regardless of the severity of the symptoms of psoriasis.

Margaret has shared an emotional post on the Glamor magazine website on the occasion of World Psoriasis Day.  Explain that psoriasis disease occurs only when the immune system attacks healthy cells.  This causes many skin cells to grow rapidly, causing dry and hard rashes on the skin.

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