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One28: A Passion for Music and Technology Leads to a Popular DJ Song Request App

Adrien Crastes and Alexandre Coyette, the co-founders of the song request app One28, are not your typical C-level executives. One28’s CEO and CFO, respectively, are still relatively young and do not have the decades of experience that is typical for leaders of a successful international company. What they do have, however, has been crucial to the app’s steady growth across two continents: tech savviness, business instincts, a strong network, and a very good idea. That, combined with the two men’s mutual respect, has led One28 to expand across Southern Europe and to land in the United States in Miami in only two months, where it is now helping American clubbers to easily communicate to DJs exactly what they want to hear.

“We focused on simplifying the song request process because it was outdated and because our market is literally the world,” says Adrien. “The Metaverse is on our doorstep, yet people still did not have a quick way to request their favorite music from DJs. With my math degree from Bucknell University, ongoing studies in actuarial mathematics at Institut de Science Financière et d’Assurances, and, okay, yes, geeky tech side, I knew I could make an app that would connect partygoers and DJs.”

Alexandre, a Monaco native, was an avid clubber and was well-connected to DJs playing in Monte Carlo’s clubs, so he was the perfect partner for Adrien to bring One28 to the entertainment scene. 

“It wasn’t hard to sell DJs on our app,” he remembers. “Once I explained that clubbers would use the One28 User App to make requests and DJs would receive them on the One28 DJ app for free, they could see how much easier the song request process would be. They also liked that they would retain full control over the song list and that if a song was denied, the requestor would be immediately refunded.”

Key to the app’s usage in clubs has been its unique concept: One28, or 128 beats per minute. Known as the heart rate of adrenaline, it’s how fast a heart beats when a person hears their favorite song. It is a scientific fact that the right music can elicit strong emotions or pleasant memories from a person, leaving them feeling more at peace than before the song was played.

“This is true of everyone no matter where they live – the U.S., France, or elsewhere,” Adrien explains. “It’s a universal idea that means we can take our app around the globe to anywhere music is played by a DJ.”

That journey began in June 2022, when One28 made its international debut at the MK Club in Monte Carlo. DJ Chris S was the first to use the app, setting a minimum song request price of 15€. With more than 50 requests taken, he turned down over half and continued using the app the following weekend at the MK Club.

That led, as Adrien and Alexandre say, to more doors opening. DJs at the Twiga Monte Carlo; the Maya Jah Monte Carlo, a restaurant; and other clubs in Southern Europe all began using the One28 app, spreading the word to their peers about its ease and simplicity. 

It was only a question of when, not if, One28 would land in the United States. That question was answered in August, when DJ Yacine facilitated song requests through One28 at the Faena Miami. Setting a minimum song request price of $50, he kept the dance floor full late into the night.

As the app continues to be used in clubs in the Miami area, Adrien and Alexandre are targeting Los Angeles, one of the biggest markets in the United States. “Introducing it there will be key for us,” Alexandre believes. “Penetrating its entertainment scene will help us capture a very big part of the American market and bring us to potentially thousands of clubs, including those near college campuses.”

The co-founders remain focused on their international reach and have expanded their currencies for payouts and payments to DJs to include USD, EUR, and GBP. One28’s Mac OS DJ app is progressing in development, and the web app has already been released.

“We are optimizing One28 so that it is available for everyone no matter what kind of phone they may have or where they live in the world,” says Adrien. “We are offering DJs and clubbers a very advanced, reliable app that can transform their club experience into one that is always a lot of fun.”

The biggest sign of the success of One28, Alexandre says, will come when a person pushes open the door of a club and walks inside.

“That’s when they’ll see a party that is alive and pulsing instead of one that has loud music but no one on the dance floor,” he explains. “In the end, it’s all about having fun, and hearing the right music is how that happens.”

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