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Online Fashion Design Classes to Jumpstart your Career

Online Fashion Design Classes to Jumpstart your Career

Fashion has always been in high demand, there will never be a diminishing demand for Fashion anywhere in the world anytime. It’s one of the high demanding and high paying jobs that most people try to get into it, of course at a niche like Fashion or Fashion designing you need to be creative but I think you can be creative when you start using your mind and the creative ability as I believe everyone is creative, people just need the right tools and the mindset. Since the Pandemic there haven’t been physical classes at the campuses most of the time, almost every institution has shifted towards the Online teaching spectrum. Hence, we have compiled the best fashion design classes online for you to ace them and for you to become a great fashion designer and pursue your dreams. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started- 

1. Seam and Stitch 101

Just like everything you want to do, be it anything, there are always some basics to learn, and then take those basics, polish them and turn them into advanced level skills. In the same way, has a Fashion design course that’s specifically designed for those that you want to learn Fashion designing and so it’s a course for beginners and for someone who doesn’t have the know-how of Fashion designing, hence, the name of the course Seam and Stitch 101. When you visit their website or the course site (link attached below), you’ll find what you would learn at the end of completing this course. For example, Machine types and stitches (very essential). As of writing this post, the course price is ₹50.       

2. Apparel Production Drawing 

Another basic course by that would satisfy your need for online fashion designing classes. This too is a basic course just like the Seam and Stitch 101 course and it aims to target certain in-demand fashion garments that we all wear these days for example T-shirts, jeans, etc. 

This course covers the basic knowledge of producing your shirts or products with your creative knowledge. It’ll teach you how to effectively make a product or a garment that fits your client’s needs perfectly. There are certain requirements or tools that you need to have before starting this course, which are mentioned on their course site. As of writing this content, the fee for the course was ₹100 (Hundred Indian Rupees)                                 

3. Apparel Production Drawing (Advance)

This course comes next in line when you have completed the Basic course of Apparel Production Drawing and when you are ready, you should take this next course. This course takes the basic knowledge that you have taken in the basic course and streamlines them even more. This course would teach you to take the technical measurements and how to turn them into your specific design or how would you turn those measurements into your creative thoughts of how your garment or product should be. 

As of writing the content, the fee for this course is $150.

4. Pattern Making

Although, it is likely you have learned some of the Pattern Making process or the knowledge of it in the above-mentioned courses there might be a lot of knowledge that you might be missing on, so for that purpose, we are recommending the Pattern Making Course. 

If you don’t know what Pattern Making is then to put it in simple words, consider Pattern making to be something very similar to making your unit of a garment or a prototype and converting that prototype into many same units of garments.    

Now, when put these words into thoughts, it does seem something that is very sensitive and if you just hassle through the Pattern Making process, there is a high chance that you might end up making numerous mistakes and you’d be at a loss because by then you would have produced numerous units that would have the same mistakes as the ones found in the prototype. So, it’s better to learn as much as one could about the Pattern Making course.

5. Sewing

Everyone that knows tailoring or fashion designing, they know how important and critical part sewing is. After designing (physically or on paper or somewhere else) and after deciding the material to use and the material with which the garment is to be sown, the final hurdle is then the sewing. Sewing is an integral part of Fashion Designing. Without it, there would be no garments today. Since it has a huge influence, we have recommended a Sewing course for the fashion design online classes. Be it, anyone, they should pay extra attention to the sewing process of their products or garments.


Fashion designing has always been in demand and always will be but the most bothering part is whether one has the creative abilities to put their creative thoughts into the garments that they want to produce and that they want to sell. It’s indeed not an easy feat but it’s not something that can’t be done. Many creative minds might have neglected the fashion designing niche because they didn’t have what it takes to be a good fashion designer. 

One thing more to notice is that to be a good fashion designer, you have to practice, like in any other field!
The famous saying can be applied here, Practice makes a man perfect. We made the job of finding the right course works for fashion designing somewhat or relatively easier for you because sometimes fashion design classes online can be a hectic thing and we don’t want that for you.

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