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Options for Your Nail Design

Busy life and world problems are a mess but taking out time to go to a salon and getting your nails done/manicures could be a cherry on top and fix your whole mood. But with so many shapes option and choices it can be tricky sometime to choose one. Long, edges, square and almond are only some of them so we looked into magazines and ask nail artists about which nail shapes are in trend so you don’t need to do all the online research. If you want to find the best nail shape, first check your cuticles, there are many designs which are done according to your cuticles like expert recommend if you have oval cuticles, it is better to match with oval shape nail. Here, we will be telling you about different nail tip shapes, including options for short, long, natural and acrylic nails whether looking for something simple, classy, party type or fun that you can keep in consideration before going to get your manicure. Keeping your nails clean and healthy will ensure that you do not have to search for best toenail fungus treatment.


 Think of an oval as an elongated round nail. This shape gives an elegant look if you have long nails, and also lengthens natural nails. Oval nails are great for those who want medium-length nails. To get the shape on your own, design each side of the nail going in one direction, using a slight diagonal angle to create an almond shape, then round out the tip. Ovals make a great base for nail art.  


 This is known as celebrity’s favorite; coffin nails have angled sides and a squared-off tip to create the coffin shape. Experts recommend coffin nails for those who love bold looks. These require salon maintenance, so make sure to get your fills when needed. Coffin nails look cool with any color, but a mostly matte finish adds extra edge. Occasional foot soak for toenail fungus will ensure healthy nails. 


Stiletto nails have a long, pointed tip just like the heal of a shoe. They are popular in fashion as celebrities like Cardi B and Rihanna have worn it. “This shape is best with long nails and narrow nail beds, so if you’re looking for an edgy look, this is for you. Since stilettos are longer and done mainly with acrylics, extra care is needed for them so they can last long, so don’t use them as tools.   


Almond shape nails are very flattering and looks great and work best with longer nails. It’s mostly done with acrylic nails, so if you choose these, it will need salon maintenance. You do not have to search for how to become a millionaire as you do not need that type of money for nail designs. This shape is great if you want something chic and modern. If you have long nails, you can get the almond shape by filing each side of the nail to create a peak and then rounding it out for the pretty almond shape.   


This is for those who want trendy nails. A lipstick tip has a straight-across square shape, with one angled side to create that cool lipstick shape. It needs to be done with acrylics, so be prepared to always go to the salon for checkup and maintenance. Nail artists say that minimal designs like a tilted French tip looks best with this trend to really show off the unique shape. But if you’re really need something bold, go with a cartoony manicure for something totally different than others.   

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