Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan were collectively called Af-Pak

Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan were collectively called Af-Pak

Not too long ago. Our Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan were collectively called Af-Pak. The two united nations were doomed to live and die together. We were told, neighbors cannot be chosen. As taught, geography is our destiny. In fact, there has been a lot of talk about geo-strategic significance. But in saying this, the Pakistani military is trying to convince us that we can get a lot of benefits from our unfortunate neighbor.

More than four decades ago, our leaders stressed the need to help the Afghan Mujahideen in their fight against the Soviets. Their comment was that this would be the way to stop communism in Pakistan. The jihad that began after that made the Afghan generation homeless for the first time. Again, it makes some people in Pakistan very rich. At the same time, the Soviet-Afghan war perpetuated our ruthless military dictatorship, even bringing us a huge supply of cheap and high-quality heroin. Their war introduced a ‘Kalashnikov culture’ in our country, which shows a new way of settling political and personal disputes by killing each other.

Pakistan has won that war. Our generals and experienced defense experts have not yet given up the arrogance that ‘we have not only defeated the Soviet Union; On the contrary, we have brought an end to communism. ‘But a few years after the Soviet withdrawal, when the victorious Mujahideen finally seized power in Kabul, they became the wrong choice for Pakistan. As it turns out, those we’ve trained, sheltered for so many years don’t really like us very much. So we had to start another war to get rid of the Mujahideen.

Then the victory of the Taliban brought peace there. At that time, we were jealous of the Taliban’s rural judiciary and wanted to establish our own caliphate. But a few years later we saw once again that the Taliban do not like us and our way of life. But we were then one of only three countries in the world to recognize the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate.

Then, when the World Trade Center collapsed, we wondered what to do with this cunning Taliban. And who knows, if you stay with us, you can get some money.

We, of course, still loved the Taliban and believed from the heart that they were better Muslims than we were. But our new military dictators also needed some cash then. As a result, we also provided air bases for bombing the Taliban.

Through this, while we raised money on the one hand, we also tried to save some Taliban on the other. We fed them with one hand and stabbed them with the other. Our warriors used to say, this is our cunning strategy.

Our hope is that they will not remember too much of the suffering we inflicted on the Taliban. The last time we betrayed the Taliban, their Pakistani brothers brought Taliban-style fighting to our streets, our mosques and our schools. We used to consider the Afghan Taliban as a good Taliban and the Pakistan Taliban as a bad Taliban.

Recently, our Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Afghans have finally broken the shackles of mental slavery. The reality is, America has no shame. Although we have won in Afghanistan, many of us fear that a new, more deadly war could break out at any moment.

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