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People Were Enthralled To Enjoy Books Even Over 500 Pages!

People Were Enthralled To Enjoy Books Even Over 500 Pages!

Back in time, long books were not much in fashion. But when the Harry Potter series was introduced, people were enthralled to enjoy books even over 500 pages! Children’s Literature Gained Higher Prestige As the Harry Potter books ranked high continuously for a long time, The New York Times Bestseller decided to have a separate bestselling list for children’s books. This gave immense prestige to the genre! Instead, fans crazily loved both movies, making producers realize that they could turn a book’s fan base for their greater benefit in no time!

Celebration on Book Launch Came into Existence If you ever meet a crazy fan of the Harry Potter series from 2007, you will know that the last book launch made the readers cry tears of joy and excitement. Harry Potter made the readers realize how a literary event can turn into a memorable celebratory moment!

Gave Rise to Literary Fandoms Be it on Facebook or Instagram, Harry Potter fan clubs are everywhere today!

Boosted Other YA Writers As the author took a three-year-long break between the fourth and fifth book of the series, many talented writers showed up, Cassandra Clare being one of them. In addition

Became the Primary Reason for John Green’s success as a YA Writer It was 2007 when John Green decided to start daily vlogging with his brother Hank. Once in their vlogging journey, Hank composed a fun song showing his excitement for the last book of the Harry Potter series. This huge audience base became the perfect marketing platform for John’s upcoming book- The Fault in Our Stars.

Gave Rise to New Political Arguments Hermione’s continuous protests for the rights of house elves to the grand setting of the Battle of Hogwarts, the books teach people how to fight against dominance from political leaders.

Allowed People to Like Things without Caring About Their Age The books were no more just for the 12-year-olds because they were equally entertaining for even those above 30!

Introduced the Spoiler Culture
Almost everyone hates spoilers because it’s no fun to watch a movie or read a book whose plot twists you know already. The spoiler culture came into existence with the Harry Potter series as some readers finished the books earlier!

Made Nerds Cheer for the Mischievous Anyone who has read all the books will know how naughty Harry was.

The Author Can Still be Functional After the Series is Over But Rowling keeps on annotating her books even today, giving the readers a reason to believe that the ‘author is never dead’!

Gave the Fan Culture a New Wave of Excitement With the sale of Harry Potter merchandise, funko pops, wands, and other fun things, the entire fan culture has changed greatly.

Made Children’s Books a Part of Higher Studies Harry Potter is now a part of the syllabus for many Universities across the globe. This made people realize that there is much more to YA books than just entertainment!

Final Word The crazy amount of love the series receives even today is truly praiseworthy. What do you think about these cultural changes? Do share your thoughts with us!

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