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plagiarizing and being legally punished

The users get involved in this crime intentionally or unintentionally. But to academia, plagiarism is a serious matter. It is taken as illegal action done by students or all other kinds of writers. Even it becomes a challenge for expert writers. Because all we are required to write something different upon similar objects. So, some writers are caught in this crime unintentionally also.

It is important to teach the pupils how to write the assignments without plagiarism. They should also be guided about how to escape from penalties applied by the search engines regarding copyright problems. Plagiarism is the content of others that the student picks up as it is and then paste it into their assignments.  Let’s discuss the advantages of using plagiarism checker free.

Benefits of bringing suitable plagiarism tools into account:

Local Storage:

The online tools let you upload the files from your local storage option. The particular piece of writing can also be uploaded.

Cloud storage:

The user can also click on the icon which offers to upload the content using the cloud option.

Highlighted phrases views:

The user just has to do a single click, and the whole result will be shown. The plagiarized text is highlighted with the colour red. The writer can easily guess similar sentences.

A lot of webpages:

The writers check plagiarism by testing it around a heavy number of websites with the help of plagiarism checker free tools. But if you assign this task to a human being, he/she cannot do this well. Accurate results cannot be expected from this method.

Multiple document formats:

Plagiarism check does not remain difficult when you are offered to check plagiarism in different formats of the files. The distinct formats are written as follows, .pdf, .txt, .tex, .doc, .rtf, .odt, and .docx. it is not compulsory to check the copyright issues from only a certain format file. 

Rephrasing ability:

The highlighted sentences are then needed to rewrite by the users. But some effective tools do this task for them. These rewrite automatically those sentences which are plagiarized.

Matching sources:

Plagiarism check becomes authentic when you click and just reach the matched sources within the blink of an eye. It shows all the websites where the matching phrases are present.

Different languages:

The best plagiarism checker accepts all different languages. It does not disturb the user to prepare his content in a single certain language.

WordPress Plugin:

An effective plagiarism checker offers the WordPress plugin version that allows you to check side by side. It does save the user from wasting his or her time by uploading the content from the storage place to the available tools. The plagiarism tool will just require the installation of the plugin from you. The writer will just hit the button “Check Plagiarism” then the plugin will automatically start checking the whole content. This feature also secures data from stealing.

How does the plagiarism checker free work?

  • The user provides the needed data in a feasible place given by the tool.
  • The writer can drag the file from local storage.
  • They are welcome to upload content from cloud storage with some special tools.
  • You can add a certain URL or address of a website.
  • Any specific URL can also be excluded if you do not want to let the content be checked from this website.
  • Simply click the icon “Check plagiarism” when you have done uploading successfully.
  • The results will be shown to you in a few seconds if the tool works speedily.
  • The best version can also ask you to hit the button “Download” which allows you to save the plagiarism report. This report will work as a piece of evidence when the user needs it.

Recommended plagiarism checker free tools:


It is an excellent online plagiarism checker that allows you the WordPress plugin version. It will not let you do extra hard work such as uploading the files from one place to another interface. SmallSeoTools check the whole assignment automatically and save your time.

The integration of the URL is allowed as well as you will welcome to exclude any certain address of the website. Multitasking copyright checking features saves you hundreds of hours.

Plagiarism detector:

This plagiarism checker performs accurately. Its free version checks 1000 words freely, and the pro version offers you to test above than 25, 000 words. No ads will be there while utilizing the paid tool.

Pro Writing Aid:

It entertains you by suggesting alternative solutions for removing plagiarism from your files. The writing style is improved in this way. It works well with Microsoft Word, Scrivener, and Google Docs. Its free version works efficiently. This powerful tool controls the punctuations significantly that makes the structure of sentences more pretty.

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