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Playing the same ticket repeatedly at the gate is not a power heater: Bashar

Bangladesh’s team selection and former captain Habiburu Bashal believe that the country will not be hit hard as they continue to play on the same wickets many times. He suggested using hit-friendly wickets in domestic cricket to solve this problem. At the
ICC T20 World Cup, Bangladeshi batters do not meet the format requirements. For this reason, there is always a defeat. Bashar has blamed domestic cricket wickets for such a performance at the T20.
“For Bangladeshi cricket, we need to make batting wigets at national competitions in the future,” he said. Playing too many matches, such as a BPL or T20 tournament, often results in not getting a good wicket over and over again for the same wicket. What our power heater is not made. `

Bangladesh played 10 games in a row in Mirpur before the T20 World Cup.

The inadequate performance of flapping units in the World Cup raises the question of whether such slow wicket use on national ground is before tomorrow’s World Cup.
Bashar, however, refuses to blame Mirpur’s Wickettaker. “I played a lot of T20 games before the World Cup,” he said. The chances we play are not very good.

There was a lot of talk about ticket gates in the AustraliaNewZealand series. Winning is definitely important. At International Cricket, you’ll want to take advantage of that. This is perfectly normal. You want to win However, if it works well in the T20 format and you need to build a power heater, I think you need to significantly improve your domestic cricket wickets. A place where 180,200 runs are played continuously.
Bashar believes that if Bangladesh trains punch-friendly wickets on his T20 at home, it will work for next year’s World Cup.
“We can’t really get much,” he said. It doesn’t happen very often in power play and power heating.

I think what we need most is to be able to play with good wickets the next time we play in a national T20 tournament. If we can provide the right wickets, I believe we can do well in the next World Cup. `
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