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Prepare your iPhone for iOS 14.3

Prepare your iPhone for iOS 14.3

Solutions are coming for your iPhone bug for the holidays.

A bit of iOS 14 composite bag. The new features are very good and overall it does not encounter big display-stop bugs, but it suffers from very few annoying bugs.

Another day Apple posted a release candidate for iOS 14.3 to the developers, and based on my test, it looks great and seems to be fixing many of the issues mentioned in the release notes‌.

One of the best gadgets of 2020

When will iOS 14.3 be released?

Since this release is required to support the new AirPods Max headphones, iOS 14.3 may land today or early next Tuesday from December 15th.

What does iOS 14.3 bring?

A lot. I have added the full release notes below, but here are some highlights:

  • Health + Support (priced at 99 9.99 per month, or part of the Apple One Premier service)
  • PRORAW support for iOS iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Air pods maximum support iphone 12 Pro Max
  • Privacy summary information for applications
  • New Apple brand TV + Tab + ISO
  • Ability to launch an app clip app by scanning the app clip code
  • More categories in health
  • More weather data
  • Ecosia search engine added as an option

What about bug fixes?

Yes, a lot.

Release notes light up most people, but tests on iOS 14.3 Public Bet show that they can also help with performance and battery issues.

What should I do before installing it?

Here is what I am doing:

Make sure you have a backup (many do not, and millions are lost without one, but I hear regularly from unfortunate people)

It is a good idea to make sure all your apps are updated before installing the update.

I like to have a place before installing a new update and it’s a good time to get rid of apps I no longer use. This could be a big upgrade, so you need bandwidth for it and don’t rush.

Should I install or wait for iOS 14.3.1?

Perpetual question – install now or wait for solutions? Based on tests by myself and others, iOS 14.3 seems to be very stable and will be the last release we see until 2021, if not some last minute showstoppers.

If you suffer from iOS 14 bugs, moving to iOS 14.3 is a good gamble. If you keep it as it is now and you are not interested in new features, you may have to wait until the new year.

My guess is that most users will break it as soon as that update button expires.

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