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Pro Tips for Buying Naples Gulf Front Homes for Sale

Are you considering buying a gulf front home? Then these pro tips will come in handy so that you can get the best properties close to Naples gulf.

Gulf front properties are unique because you’ll be getting both the land and water when you own one. While it’s a delight to the eyes, buying Naples gulf front homes for sale is a bit more complicated than purchasing land-locked real estate.

Owning a waterfront property means you get to enjoy a unique lifestyle. However, there are specific dangers and risks of staying close to water. Suppose you wish to learn tips for buying homes by the water in Naples, you’ll find the following very handy:

  • Consider the Entire Property

Some people make the mistake of buying a property just by viewing its physical appearance. Don’t forget that you aren’t buying only the house; you’ll need to consider the water access, views, privacy, etcetera. These extra things will ensure your stay in your waterfront home is more enjoyable.

  • Work With an Experienced Real Estate Agent

When buying a gulf front home in Naples, you’ll need to work with an experienced Naples real estate agent with extensive knowledge of the waterfront real estate market.  A professional waterfront realtor knows how to discover both the bad and good sides of a property near the water.

Searching for an agent well experienced in buying Naples luxury waterfront homes for sale is often challenging. However, when you ask appropriate questions and do your due diligence, you’re sure to be successful.

  • Carefully Choose a Property That Fits Your Lifestyle

Finding a waterfront property that suits your lifestyle and can offer you fun activities should be a priority. You don’t want to own a property that isn’t directly facing the water. Suppose you enjoy taking walks on the shoreline; ensure the property you buy doesn’t have a rugged landscape. That way, you can enjoy this activity.

  • Get a Pre-approval Early

Waterfront properties are often expensive, and their owners only sell to certified buyers. Thus, it’ll be prudent to get a pre-approval early because processing loans for homes near water takes longer.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to lose a great property because your loan wasn’t approved on time. Therefore, it’d be best to keep the loan ready to buy your preferred Naples gulf front homes for sale on time.

  • Check the Overall Structure

Seasons and weather conditions bring different kinds of damage to waterfront homes. The truth is, the natural elements are always unkind to homes near water. Thus, living in these properties under harsh weather is a bit tasking. A waterfront home is more dangerous than traditional homes, so ensure you invest in some added features, like stainless steel locks to enable it to withstand harsh weather.

  • Determine the Kind of Changes You Need to Make on the Property

Suppose you’d want to make changes like adding a roof, seawall, deck, or even siding changes on your preferred gulf front home, you’ll need to enquire about the requirements for executing these tasks.

Government agencies are often strict concerning property changes, and I’m sure you don’t want to spend a considerable amount buying a million-dollar home where you’ll be limited on changing it to suit your taste. Furthermore, it’d be best to check the type of activities allowed in the water. For instance, some areas might be restricted for speedboats, jet skis, amongst others.

  • Talk to Neighbors

When searching for Naples waterfront homes for rent or even for sale, it’d be best to talk to the people residing in the communities and take advice from them before signing the contract. Ask them some relevant questions like whether they face any problem with their property and what it’s like living in that neighborhoods.

  • Consider the View

It’d be best if you spend some time on the water to discover if it’s good as you’re being led to believe. For example, you might have a great view of the water, but accessing it isn’t easy. When a regular home has an unattractive yard, you can easily change it, but with a gulf front property, you’re buying the water too. Thus, you’ll need to get it right.

  • Check Out the Utilities

When buying properties near water, ensure to ask about electricity, adequate septic system, clean water, cable management, and if the Internet is readily available before signing the contract. These services are sometimes unavailable in rural areas, so ensure you inquire about them to avoid being stuck after buying the house.

  • Check Window Durability

A waterfront property’s window is a vital part of the house; thus, you need to pay adequate attention to it when buying Naples vacation rentals seeing as it might serve as your second home and might be empty for some months.

It’d be best to check if the house you intend to buy has impact windows to protect your investment from probable wind-borne debris during severe storms, hurricanes, and wind damage.

Suppose the gulf front home you intend to buy doesn’t have impact windows, consider installing them as soon as you move in. Besides protecting your home, these windows help to decrease loud noise levels, improve your property’s energy efficiency, and lower insurance costs.

  • Consider Flood Risk

Besides wind damage, flooding is another major cause of defects to waterfront properties due to storms and hurricanes. Thus, you’ll need to consider the house’s flood risk before choosing it over others.

Ensure that the property is built with flood-resistant materials. After that, find out if the property is situated in a slightly elevated slope, upward hill, or high-risk flood area to avoid flooding when heavy rain falls.

However, regardless of the home’s location, you’ll need flood insurance.

  • Understand Your Responsibilities as a Naples Waterfront Homeowner

After buying a gulf front property in Naples, you’re automatically part of the homeowners association (HOA). The HOA will update you on the maintenance of your property, especially if you intend to use it as your second home.

Ask the HOA about the type of maintenance allowed on the property to avoid getting into trouble.


Living close to the water is a dream come true for many, and as an investor, you can’t go wrong adding a waterfront property to your portfolio. Vacationers would love to stay in such a home and savor the peace that comes with staying near water.

However, there are numerous things to look out for when buying Naples gulf front homes for sale. Ensure you get a pre-approval early and have your money ready to avoid losing the ideal waterfront property your real estate agent will help you find.

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