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Process of forming a coalition government in Germany

The Social Democratic Party (SPD) has claimed a narrow margin of victory in Germany’s general election on Sunday. According to the BBC, the complex process of forming a coalition government has now begun. SPD leader Olaf Schultz now wants to form an alliance with the country’s Green Party and Liberals. He said they have got the approval of the people to form an alliance. But his conservative opponent Armin Lashett will not give up so easily.

Last Sunday’s election was important for the Germans. They voted in the election to succeed Merkel, who has been in office for 17 years. However, neither party won a single majority in the German parliament, the Bundestag. This means that the coalition government will come to power in the country. But this is nothing new for Germany. Since World War II, no party has been able to form a majority government alone. The BBC says Olaf Schultz’s party claims victory in the SPD elections but has no option but to form an alliance with another party to get a chancellor. Many see the CPD, which has been in power for 16 years, as the reason for its defeat. On the other hand, SPD’s immigration policy, tackling climate, creating more jobs, increasing wages, social security and other election promises have caught the attention of ordinary citizens.

For eight years the SPD and the Conservative Party have run the government together. But this time, Schultz says he wants to form an alliance with the Greens and the Free Democratic Party (FDP). On the other hand, Armin Lashett will not leave the field without a fight. For this, his choice is Green and Liberal Party. Negotiations to form a coalition government after the German general election are the most difficult and complex process. This may take a long time. However, it does not always see the face of success.

In this election, the key to forming the ‘King Makers’ or government is in the hands of Green and FDP. Schultz and Armin both want to appease these two teams.

However, it is not impossible to form an alliance between the two big parties as before. However, skepticism about the alliance remains as both Schultz and Armin want to be chancellors. Only when the political parties decide on an alliance can the details come down to bargaining. In 2016, after five months of trying, Merkel became Chancellor.

If no party can form a government, there will be re-election. But President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will encourage parties to reach an agreement to maintain political stability in the country. The center-right party, the Christian Democratic Union (SDU), dominated Germany under Angela Merkel. Ending that decade and a half of domination, Olaf Schultz brought the country’s oldest party, the Social Democrat Party (SPD), to the fore.

The SPDE is the oldest party in the country, having played a key role in the German Revolution of 1918–19. They have become partners in power in alliance with Merkel’s party. However, Shaltas still has a long way to go to form a coalition government. Schultz and SDU leader Armin Lashett both said they would form an alliance to form a government before Christmas.

Schultz’s party was a longtime ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union. It is a situation that they have had to digest despite their reluctance. But Schultz is a man who has proved his worth at the national level. Olaf Schultz served as finance minister and vice chancellor in Merkel’s cabinet during the epidemic. He became very popular in Germany for keeping himself steady during crises. A few days ago there was a terrible flood in the eastern part of Germany.  He did the same thing during Corona.

Schultz, 63, is soft-spoken as a politician. That is why many in Germany call him ‘Shaltasmat’. Many analysts think that this feature of Schultz may be the reason why voters are eager to vote for him. Despite being the leader of a different party, Schultz has been able to establish himself as a worthy successor to Merkel as head of government by playing a key role in the SDU-led government.

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