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Professor Yuval Noah Harari is one of the most important thinkers

Professor Yuval Noah Harari is one of the most important thinkers

Professor Yuval Noah Harari is one of the most important thinkers, historians and intellectuals in the world today. He is the author of such a book. Professor Harari has been speaking at various forums on the emergence of new dictatorships, the threat of information centralization, human civilization and possible aspects of politics. Let’s start with a question. Are you a fascist? Just think. I know, it’s really hard to answer. We have forgotten a lot about what fascism is. Nowadays people use the words ‘fascism’, ‘fascist’ on average; Basically in condemnation, even in many small cases. Or they confuse – which is fascism and which is nationalism. I am telling you my thoughts on what fascism is and what is the difference between it and nationalism.

What we all mean by nationalism is not a new ideology. We have seen smaller versions of it in every step of the evolution of human society. People are creatures of storytelling; She loves to tell stories, loves to hear stories more. A beautiful story, a powerful myth that can bring thousands of people together on one basis.

My country, Israel, has a population of about eighty million, all of whom hold Israeli citizenship certificates like me. But I do not know all of them; Nevertheless, due to our sense of nationalism, we think of ourselves as one, work together and coexist with each other. This is definitely a beautiful aspect. Some people like John Lennon, however, think that the world would be a haven of peace without the suffix ‘nationalism’. We will come back to why they said that. But it is true that without this sense of nationalism, people would still be living in primitive life, living in communal chaos!

Nationalism tells me my country is unique and I have some special duties towards it. Fascism tells me my country is the greatest and my duty towards it is unquestionable, irrevocable. There is no need to care about my country, anything other than my nation. His duties in that trial are also multifaceted. For example, I am loyal to my state. I am a patriot. At the same time, I have a responsibility to my family, to my neighbors, to my profession – even to the truth, good, beautiful and universal humanity in philosophical terms.

The emergence of fascism occurs when people want to ignore this complexity altogether. It is my one and only duty to work for the country This is how a fascist evaluates his surroundings. An art, a book or a film is good for him only when it is in the interest of the country. In reality, this monster does not look ugly at all, on the contrary, it is very hypnotic. The same thing is happening in the case of fascism. Fascism gives people the feeling that the country they live in is the only beautiful thing in the world. He thinks this picture can’t be bad!

Can; This is the hypnotic power of fascism, which has strengthened it since time immemorial, provided public support. This is exactly what the Germans saw when they saw themselves in Hitler-Guerin’s fascist mirror in the 1930’s.

The Italian philosopher, aesthetist Umberto Echo rightly said that fascism came back in new guises. Those who can control information will control life and the future of mankind.

There was a time when people considered land tenure as more important than anything else. Politics then meant control and distribution of land rights.

As time went on, machinery gradually took the place of land in the last two centuries. Politics changed its form and became the controller of machinery, in this century, information is replacing both machinery and land.

Throughout the great period of twentieth century politics we have seen the direct and indirect conflict between capitalism and socialism. Capitalism has used democracy as its politics and dictatorship has become the guarantor of socialism. In the reality of that time, democracy left socialism behind in political-diplomacy. The success of democracy was that the system was able to freely disseminate information and work to reach effective conclusions.

It is possible to get out of this trap only if we are conscious and humane enough. The future of the world and the future of human civilization may depend on its solution. We certainly can’t let him fail!

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