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Environmentalists have called the lack of action by world leaders attending a climate conference in Glasgow Scotland a “dangerous stage”. Thousands of environmentalists gathered in Glasgow on Friday to protest measures to prevent climate change and protect the planet.

Environmentalists are raising the issue through two days of protests. They called on world leaders to come forward with an open mind.

Environmental activists Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate took part in a threehour protest on the occasion of COP 28 Youth Day yesterday.

“At this year’s UN climate conference we are again receiving big words and promises from world leaders” said Mitzi Jonel Tan a Philippine environmentalist. We want to reduce our massive carbon emissions.

We want management to prevent the damage caused by climate disasters from the north to the south of the world.

Delegates from around 200 countries have joined the Glasgow conference to keep their promise to limit global warming to between 1.5 degrees and 2 degrees under the Paris Agreement.

Many countries around the world made two additional pledges on Thursday to reduce their fossil fuel use. Twenty countries including the United States and the United Kingdom and international financial institutions have pledged not to invest in the development of fossil fuels in other countries from next year.

They have announced not to invest money in any coalfired power generation project inside or outside the country.

“Last Monday in Glasgow I called on world leaders to open their hearts to those at the forefront of the climate crisis” said Elizabeth Watahuti a Kenyan environmentalist.

Natalie Tariro Chido Mangondo an environmental activist in Zimbabwe said: Let us know about the problem. They have done what young people do.

They have drawn attention to the matter. Now the rest of the leaders have to do it. They have to take appropriate action. ‘

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Hundreds of world leaders have agreed at the COP28 climate conference to end deforestation by 2030. Among them is the President of Indonesia.

He said it was unethical to pressure Indonesia to stop deforestation within the stipulated time.

There world leaders signed an agreement on Monday to stop deforestation. This is the first big announcement from the conference.

Environment Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar said the country’s president Joko Widodo had signed the agreement.

The UK’s drug regulator has approved the use of a pill for the first time in the treatment of a person with coronary heart disease. Experts claim that the drug ‘Malnupiravir’ halves the risk of death and hospitalization of patients infected with corona.

UK Health Minister Sajid Javid said the treatment was a breakthrough for people with weakened immune systems. The United Kingdom is now the first country in the world to allow the use of an antiviral drug to treat covidosis.

Mark an American pharmaceutical company first tested the efficacy of Malnupiravir.

The UK government has agreed to buy 480000 courses of the pill in the first phase by this November.

He said this was the first time in the world that they had approved the use of such antiviral drugs in Kovid;

214 people died on that day.

Clinical trials

Mark conducted a study on 65 patients to verify the effectiveness of Malnupiravir. And no patient who took Malnupiravi died.

Pfizer and Swiss company Roach are ahead of Mark in this competition.

Clinical trials of Pfizer pills

The name of the drug is Paxlovid. Its use reduces the risk of hospitalization or death by 69 percent for adults at high risk.

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