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Pros And Cons Of Custom Software

Custom software development involves the development of a product specifically for the needs of the client. Compared to off-the-shelf products, custom software targets a specific demands of the particular company. Applications can be developed in-house or by a third-party IT team, it all depends on many factors

Ready-made solutions have a predefined set of functions. Organizations that develop mass-market programs strive to fully satisfy the needs of the majority of customers. For example, Skype meets the needs of a large number of users, but this does not mean that the program can meet someone’s specific requirements.

Why is custom software so important?

Many people may ask the question, why not use ready-made products to solve the problem? There are many reasons for this. First of all, you need to consider individual requirements and needs when using custom tools.  Customized software can evolve at the same time as the business. The programs are flexible enough, it all depends on the specific features and characteristics of the product. In this regard, public and private companies very often order tailor-made programs and applications to solve particular issues, integrate their own set of SaaS into one united system to avoid the monkey job of transferring and synchronizing the data within many programs.

Custom software development, unlike conventional tools, is accompanied by special IT support.

The use of SaaS

Consider Amazon and eBay, for example, two of the largest e-commerce platforms. They designed their custom software. Instead of using an off-the-shelf product to sell products, these organizations have created their own e-commerce platform. This platform serves as a kind of bridge between sellers and buyers. At the same time, the software product is easy to use, so they became something like SaaS, providing opportunities for other companies to sell their products on the platform.

Financial mobile app and real-time apps

Nowadays, banking applications are very popular in society; they simplify financial transactions in real-time. Applications are created for specific mobile devices. Many are familiar with such products. But here we will note that not a single banking institution allows itself to use third-party programming and share its developments with other banks. Instead, banks create a functional product to improve internal performance by tailoring the tools to the customer experience.

In this regard, an application created for one client can be considered as individual software.

Each solution has its own pros and cons. But do not despair, this is life. The main thing is to realize what is happening in time.

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