Question leaks allegations on Half Yearly Summative Assessment Exam

Half Yearly Summative Assessment Question allegation

The Half Yearly Summative Assessment 2024 for Class Six to Class Nine started yesterday, Wednesday (July 3). The Shanmashik Mullayon marked the beginning of the semester assessments for students from Class Six to Nine under the new curriculum.

However, allegations of question leaks surfaced on the very first day. However, the Education Board authority claims that the new curriculum leaves no way for such incidents.

As per the report, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) centrally prepared the evaluation guidelines or questions for the students. The Shanmashik Mullayon Questions were sent to the school principals via email or other means the day before the exam. After downloading these questions, they were photocopied and distributed to the students. However, it has been alleged that these questions were leaked on social media even before reaching the students.

The Half Yearly Summative Assessment Questions reportedly were widely shared on Facebook and YouTube on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. In addition, the answers were circulated along with the Question. However, it is been confirmed that the leaked questions are matched exactly with the Exam taken yesterday, Wednesday (July 3, 2024).

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A parent from Bogura, (Condition to hide name), reported that his child, a Class 8 student at Bogura Zilla School, obtained the Summative Assessment guidelines from YouTube on Tuesday night (July 2). The guidelines distributed at the school on Wednesday were identical to those leaked.

“Such leaks would demotivate students from studying and learning. He urged the government to take strict measures against this issue”.

When asked about the situation, NCTB Chairman (acting) Professor Md. Moshiuzzaman said to the media that, “The way we have designed the Assessment guidelines, a question leak would not pose a significant problem. However, the main issue is that some individuals are creating answer sheets based on these guidelines and distributing them on social media.”

This is disrupting the assessment process to some extent. We are in communication with school authorities to address this matter. Appropriate actions will be taken against anyone found responsible for leaking the questions, added the Chairman.

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