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Questions You’ll Want to Ask the Best Solar Company Before Hiring Them

Did you know that renewable energy increased by almost 50 percent in the year 2020? Solar energy is one of the most popular choices for renewable energy among homeowners, as it is easy to install and will last for decades.

If you are looking into residential solar, then you should know which questions to ask potential solar energy providers. Here are some ways to find the best solar company to meet your needs.

Get an Estimate in Writing

When you talk to any company in the solar industry, you need them to be transparent with pricing. You should ask what the solar package includes, and whether or not you will get solar maintenance as part of the package.

Once you get an offer, you should always ask for it in writing. That way, you will have evidence and paper documentation if there is a dispute later on about the price that you agreed to pay.

Look for State and Federal Incentives

Before you commit to solar energy for your home, you should look into incentives that will help you get them for a better price. There is a federal solar tax credit that you can use one time to write off the cost of the solar panels, as well as the installation. This could bring your tax bill down significantly.

You should also check with your state and local governments to see if they have any bonus incentives to offer. You may receive a credit from your utility company or state for converting to solar energy.

Different Types of Solar Panels

Any type of solar panel will result in a lower utilities fee every month, but you should ensure you get the right panels for your needs and price range. The most common solar panels for residential solar are monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

Monocrystalline solar panels are usually more expensive, but they absorb more power and have a longer lifespan. In contrast, polycrystalline solar panels are on the cheaper side, but they absorb less power and they also have a shorter lifespan.

Ask for Certifications

You should always ensure that your solar energy company has the proper certifications to conduct business. For extra protection, you can get their business license number or take a picture of their certification.

Make sure that they also have any local permits needed to install solar panels. You can check your city website to see all of the rules for residential solar panel installation.

Find the Best Solar Company

If you are thinking about getting solar energy as your primary form of electricity, then you need to find the best solar company to meet your needs. With this guide, you can ask all the right questions and start your residential solar installation.

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