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R. Shakib-Sohan uncertain against Africa

R. Shakib-Sohan uncertain against Africa

Bangladesh’s T20 World Cup mission is almost over. Mahmudullah Bahini has been eliminated from the last four after losing three matches in a row in the Super Twelve. Meanwhile, in the midst of such a collapse of the team, bad news has also been received about two loyal members of Team Tigers Shakib Al Hasan and Nurul Hasan Sohan.

It is learned that Shakib and Sohan are watching for the next match against South Africa due to injuries. He will rest till October 31.

After beating strong Australia and New Zealand at home, the red-green team went to play the World Cup in the desert with high hopes. But when it comes to the collapse of the team, now the poor Bangladesh cricket team. There is no place to look back. Even then, T20 captain Mahmudullah Riyadh wants to return home with at least one win in the Super League without giving up hope.

“We have two more matches, if we can win both, it will be good for the team,” said Mahmudullah. We are all desperately trying.

After losing first to Sri Lanka and then to England, Bangladesh also lost last Friday (October 29) to a win against the West Indies. But the only success on the stage of the World Cup was against the West Indies. The Tigers were also ahead in the latest statistics. That Mahendrakshan again on Friday (October 29) in Sharjah. However, in the end the boat came to the shore of Double Bangladesh. The loss of 3 runs is their partner today.

The failure to take advantage of the opportunities on this day is tomorrow. Although the bowlers did well in the beginning, they could not hold the rhythm till the end. This is how captain Mahmudullah Riyadh is looking for a reason after losing the match. He admits that fielding and batting are not good at the same time.

The word shame does not go with cricket. But after today’s performance, the supporters demanded that Bangladesh cricketers should think anew about themselves. He told the critics to look in the mirror. Then maybe Bangladesh’s World Cup dream journey would have survived.

After winning the toss, the bowlers showed their Munsiana. But in the end they could not hold their own rhythm. The result is that Puran-Holder hit 6 sixes.

However, the way the fielders missed the opportunities created by the bowlers. These misses have also silently shattered Bangladesh’s dream journey. No run in power play. Liton and Mahmudullah batted according to the situation. The reason for the rest of the rush was not understood throughout the match. And there is a doubt whether he will be able to give the answer to Mushi’s scoop himself.

Meanwhile, Tiger captain Mahmudullah Riyadh has taken all the responsibility on his shoulders as he could not win even though he came very close to victory against the Caribbean. At the press conference after the match, he said that the team lost because they could not use the plan of the last ball properly. Desperate Mahmudullah said, ‘I knew he (Russell) would make the last ball in the block hole. Since there were four fielders on the leg side. The previous two balls did a good yorker, couldn’t lift. So I was thinking if he misses I can hit with mid off or backward point. It’s my fault, I couldn’t use it. ‘

Bangladesh’s next opponent in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday (November 2) is South Africa.

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