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Ramos Was Once The Son of Real Madrid’s House

Ramos Was Once The Son of Real Madrid’s House

What seemed unbelievable a few months ago is now a reality in the midst of bizarre shifts. Ramos was once the son of Real Madrid’s house. He was also the captain of the team. The leader who gave everything on the field for Real is now PSG. He got Lionel Messi as his teammate there. Messi is now his best friend. This is not the end of surprises; Ramos will have to play against Real Madrid as soon as he leaves the club due to the irony of fate.

Football fans are getting a chance to watch this day for the welfare of the Champions League. Where Ramos can be seen side by side with Lionel Messi to fight Casimiro, Madrich, Benzema. But how does Ramos feel about himself? How can Ramos give a hundred percent for the new club against the club he loves so much? But Ramos is quite professional. He made it clear that there is no place for passion and love in the field of professionalism. Said, he agreed to die for PSG against Real!

The words came from Ramos, “When I got on the plane, I heard we had Manchester United as our opponents. I quite like them as opponents. But later it was seen that it has been canceled. I would be happy if I didn’t get Real Madrid. But the return to the Santiago Bernabeu is a joy. Because, I couldn’t say goodbye because of Kovid. Fate works a lot uncertainly. I would be happy to play against any other team. Because everyone knows how much I love Real Madrid.

Although he loves Real Madrid, Ramos knows how much the PSG rely on him, a trust he has yet to repay. Although he went to PSG a few months ago in a free transfer, Ramos has made his debut recently due to various injuries. So he feels the urge to give PSG something extra, “I will do my best to take PSG to the next round. They trust me. I am willing to die for them now. ‘

Ramos also revealed that he experienced “many hours of darkness and loneliness” at the start of his time at Paris Saint-Germain as a calf injury prevented him from appearing in a match until November 28. He’s since been sidelined again with muscular problems with his status moving forwards uncertain.
“It has been hard, different from what I have experienced in my career,” he said. “Injuries have [rarely been like this]. To feel like a player again is the important thing. Many hours of darkness, loneliness, but it has helped me to overcome challenges. It has helped me to know who were really there and who were not. There will be Ramos for a while. The family is already well adapted. I smile again thinking about competing again.”

But Real did not object. In the next draw, they got PSG. Real have avoided the Chelsea who lost to them in the last Champions League. However, in the eyes of Cruz, not Chelsea, but a very tough opponent for PSGE Real, ‘Yes, we got a very interesting opponent in the next round. Out of the five possible opponents, I got the toughest opponent. But we play football for such a match. As I said before, I am facing for such a match. There will be many talented footballers on the field. Let’s see what happens. At the end of the day we are Real Madrid. We want to play such matches all the time. I am very confident of reaching the quarter finals.

Despite the draw, it is still too late for the last 16 matches of the Champions League. The first leg of the last 16 will be on 15th February. So now Cruz doesn’t want to think about the match, “It’s important to forget that. Because, at present we are doing the work of the day very well. There are many matches left in the league before the Champions League match. Now the important thing is to play like this. There are two matches before Christmas, they have to get points. At the end of the season, the goal of winning the title should be as close as possible. This is the most important thing now. So the focus is there, when the Champions League comes, I’ll look there. Good luck. ‘

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