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Reasons Why Free Cartoon Websites Are Not Safe

Reasons Why Free Cartoon Websites Are Not Safe | EPI EXPRESS

Most people use free cartoon and anime streaming sites every day and prefer these over the paid ones. The reason people go for these sites is that they are easy to access and apparently cost you nothing for viewing their content. You must read about Why Free Cartoon Websites Are Not Safe below.

People stream sites like kimcartoons, 123movies, etc since they offer the best streaming services and don’t ask you to get registered on the platforms. However, not all free platforms are good for you. Some free cartoon sites host poor quality content, have a poor UI, and some even affect your devices with malware and viruses.

Following are some of the main reasons why no one should choose free cartoon websites and should always prefer the paid ones.

  1. Security Risks

Most free streaming sites are a big target of hackers and data stealers. Such sites have a poor security policy and any person with a little knowledge of hacking software can access your account information on the site.

They can use this information to spam you or to display unwanted or inappropriate ads. Free sites pose risks to your online security which can lead to many serious issues in the future if you do not stop using these immediately.

  1. Device Malfunction Risks

As we have disused before, the free sites for cartoons have a poor security firewall which can be easily exploited to add harmful elements like viruses and malware on the site.

When you stream such poorly secured platforms on your mobile device or a PC, there are pretty good chances that your device will catch one or more of these viruses which could potentially make your device useless. You can avoid this easily by streaming cartoons on legal paid platforms since they have a very strict security policy.

  1. Pirated Content

Most torrent and free streaming sites are notorious for hosting copyrighted content that is not supposed to be accessed without for free. They get the content from illegal sources and upload it on their sites. 

This is pretty risky since if you are caught accessing the copyrighted content, the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) clearly states that you can be fined and even imprisoned for it.

This makes no sense to save a few bucks by using free streaming sites instead of the paid ones and putting yourself through unnecessary lawsuits and other legal actions.

  1. Unnecessary Ads

This is not so much of a risk but rather more of a nuisance of using free streaming sites. These sites are often loaded with ads and popups that have nothing to do with you. There are plenty of hidden backlinks as well which take you to unwanted web pages and try to advertise the stuff you don’t even need.

These constant ads make your streaming experience extremely miserable. Free streaming sites earn a huge portion of their revenue from ads and there is no permanent solution to getting rid of these.

  1. No Updates

Free streaming sites are not updated as regularly as the paid ones and some even don’t get any updates at all. This leads to many risks. Even if in the beginning a particular streaming site was secure, with time the security weakens due to new hacking technology and techniques and there is a need to update the site to get ahead of these threats.

Moreover, if a site is not updated regularly, you will not get access to the latest shows and movies which will leave you with no choice but to use illegal torrenting or subscribing to a legal paid streaming site.

Final Thoughts

To have a safe and secure streaming experience it is imperative that you give up risky and illegal free sites. Your online security should be your top priority whenever you are on online streaming sites or apps.

Pick sites like Tamil movies da or other legal paid streaming sites like Disney plus or Netflix and you will never have to worry about putting your online data and the device you are using at risk.

We hope the above discussion has given you something to think about and wish you lots of luck in everything. Stay with us for more useful stuff in this regard.

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