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Renting a tent? - Amir Articles

Renting a tent? – Amir Articles | EPI EXPRESS

Renting a tent for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a flea market, renting can be a good solution. Indeed, the prices are generally lower than for the purchase of a reception tent. However, if you think you will need a barnum again in the future, buying it will be more beneficial. From the second use, your investment pays off if you compare the purchase to the rental of a reception tent. Price is just one of the 2 aspects discussed in this article! Did you know, for example, that the tent is only part of the budget? Are you ready to respect all the ends of a contract to rent a barnum? 

The rental of a reception tent: an advantage?

In the medium to long term, it will be cheaper for you to buy your own barnum , rather than renting it several times. From the second rental, you will exceed the price of a reception tent upon purchase. We must therefore see the rental of a reception barnum as an investment.

There will always be an outdoor party requiring shelter to protect guests from rain or sun. Owning a party tent or a folding barnum is very practical in this case. And if no party is planned, the arbor can still serve as a storage place or as a shelter in your garden. There are many possibilities for using party tents!

Arbors already in use

If you are planning to rent a reception gazebo for your birthday, be aware that you are not renting a new product: the tent will have been used by many people before you. There is little chance that the canvas will be perfectly clean and the structure in perfect condition, which is quite normal after many uses.

With a rental barnum, you will also have a harder time realizing the quality of the structure. You have no way of knowing where and at what price it was purchased. You will also have to settle for its wear marks and accept them. During the inventory, you will need to thoroughly inspect the rental gazebo and report any damaged or torn area before you use it. Do not hesitate to take pictures as proof. You are thus relieved of the responsibility for damage that you did not commit.

Buying a party tent is usually much easier. And the first advantage is that you thus have your own gazebo, and that you receive it brand new. You know where it comes from, and you are aware of the quality of the material. It will therefore be in perfect condition for your first party, but also for the following ones, if you take care of it. You offer your guests a quality setting, with a perfectly white canvas. So you don’t have to worry about hiding flaws with a decoration that won’t look natural. At SCHUPEPE, our party tents are 100% waterproof, stable, and even protect you against UV rays. For more details visit us at

Whether rented or purchased, the marquee must be 100% waterproof and with a high level of UV protection. By renting you get an attractive price in the short term, but you will be responsible for the product. In addition, one can never be sure of the quality of the tent and the reliability of the chosen supplier. By purchasing a new barnum from our online store, you are purchasing a weatherproof, waterproof and UV-resistant steel structure. In addition to these qualities, you will gain above all in flexibility! You choose and buy the product that’s right for you. If you damage your receiving barnum, you get a 10 year warranty on spare parts.

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