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Restoring antique jewelry

Restoring antique jewelry to their original beauty is no easy task

Identifying a piece of jewelry as antique If you are considering purchasing an antique piece of jewelry, you should take a few steps to ensure its authenticity. You should start by identifying the era and materials used in the piece. However, if you’re unsure about the era, look for etchings and tiny markings. These are the hallmarks of genuine antique jewelry and will allow you to identify a piece.

Identifying its era

One of the most important aspects of identifying antique jewelry is to determine its era. While style is a huge part of determining a piece’s age, the manufacturing details are also essential. Fortunately, there are a number of resources available to help you determine the age of an antique jewelry piece. You can read reference books or consult experts. You can also visit antique malls or museums to view jewelry from different periods. Many reputable dealers will be glad to answer any questions you may have about a piece.

Identifying its condition

One of the first steps in identifying the condition of antique jewelry is to check the hallmarks on the piece. These can help you identify the origin of the item as well as the date of manufacture. Others can help you determine the metal type.

Using a loupe and magnifying glass is an effective way to check the condition of antique jewelry. It is also helpful to check for hallmarks on specific brands. You can also consult resources like the Birmingham Assay Office or the Lang Jewelry University to learn about a wide variety of estate pieces. Alternatively, you can look for vintage and antique jewelry through online marketplaces like Invaluable.

Identifying its setting

When restoring antique jewelry, you may encounter a problem with identifying its setting. You may also encounter a broken soldered joint. The trick is to repair the piece while preserving its style and technique. Unfortunately, even skilled jewelers can make mistakes, including previous owners. For example, one antique platinum ring had been through multiple repairs, including a replacement of the stone several times. If you are unsure of the setting of a piece, you can look at its age to help you determine its condition.

Identifying its stones

Antique jewelry stones are sometimes hard to tell apart, but you can identify many types by their cut. The type of cut can also help you determine the age of the piece. For instance, a Georgian piece will have irregular shapes. During the 18th century, the gem cutters had a lot of creative freedom, so you might find a stone that has an odd shape or has a very different color than the other stones. Identifying a stone’s source of origin can help you determine the maker’s identity.

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