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Whose song is a beacon of hope in the midst of despair

Rock Music is a beacon of hope in the midst of despair

‘Rock Music’; At present, it is a trend that is almost extinct in the music world. But even in these lost days of rock music, some viewers are constantly overwhelmed by this music. Rock bands play an important role in this. There was a time when a new genre of rock music appeared every decade. Originally from blues music, the rock n roll genre solidified its position in the fifties. Later, in the sixties and seventies, when the use of distortion in guitar increased, ‘hard rock’ music started to become popular?

In the eighties, when heavy metal people began to make their mark in the music world, rock music invented a new kind of sound. And this sound later became known as grunge rock. Nirvana’s song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ took the genre to a unique height. Chris Cornell is the architect behind this trend.

In 2016, the whole music world was stunned by the news of the suicide of popular band Lincoln Park vocalist Chester Bennington. That day was July 20, Chris Cornell’s birthday. And just two months before the incident, Cornell, like Chester, committed suicide. In just two months, the fans lost two extraordinarily talented singers.

Chris Cornell, who has made numerous contributions to the world of music, was simultaneously a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and founder of the famous grunge band Soundgarden. He was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, on July 20, 1964. Her father was a pharmacist and her mother an accountant. After his birth, he was named Christopher John Boyle. But as a teenager, he was suddenly separated from his parents. The next time Chris and his siblings put ‘Cornell’ at the end of their name according to their mother’s name.

The separation of the parents began to have an effect on Chris. He became addicted to drugs from the age of 13 only. He was expelled from school at the age of 15. And this is where his lonely life begins. At this point, he became very depressed and stayed at home the whole time. There were no such friends. Gradually he completely hid from the people around him.

This is how he finds himself in this time of loneliness through rock music. Chris has been interested in music since childhood. From an early age, he practiced piano and guitar. From there, his talent came to the fore. Once in the basement of a neighbor, he found the Beatles album collection left behind. Chris Cornell spent his childhood listening to the songs in that collection.

Before becoming a musician, Chris had to do different things at different times to earn a living. At some point, he was in a restaurant. His job there was to clean the table and bring the dishes. Once again he has worked as a fishmonger in a seafood wholesaler’s shop. The later rockstar also worked as a chef at a restaurant called ‘Ray’s Boathouse’ in Seattle.

It wasn’t until the early eighties that Chris met Soundgarden’s guitarist Kim Thail. Kim and her friend Bruce Pavit came to Washington to study in college. Chris was Kim’s roommate in Seattle.

The name ‘Soundgarden’ they named after an air channeling pipe sculpture in Seattle. Chris started out as a drummer, although he later played guitar while at Soundgarden. Although their friend Bruce did not join the band, he formed the ‘Sub Pop’ record label at the time. And with this record label, bands like Soundgarden, Madhani, and Nirvana made their debut in the music industry for the first time. In just a few years, Chris and his collaborators announced that they have come to make new changes in the music world. That change takes shape over time as grunge-rock.

Soundgarden was one of the first bands to emerge from Seattle. In an interview with the Guitar Center in 2014, Chris said:

“If you grew up in Seattle, you would never expect to see yourself as a famous musician. Because we haven’t seen anyone around us do anything with music. That’s the kind of art that can be done. I joined the band for the first time. At that time, I thought, the work is for me. ”

In 1986, Soundgarden began work on their first studio album. Some big record companies offered Soundgarden for the first album, but Soundgarden did not sign a contract with an independent record company to release the album, and in October 1986 they released their first album, Ultramega OK. Although Soundgarden was a grunge-based band, in the beginning, their lyrics were serious and the sound was a bit like a psychedelic rock with heavy metal.

Chris Cornell showcased his singing talent on the first album of his musical career. In a song titled ‘Beyond the Wheel’ on the album, he repeatedly changed his voice and kept his voice range between three and four octaves while singing the chorus. All of this draws the attention of critics. As a result, Soundgarden was nominated for a Metal at the 1990 Grammy Awards.

Saun in later years
Chris and his band Soundgarden also had a good relationship with Pearl Jam, another popular grunge band of the nineties. Andrew Wood was a rising band star in the late eighties. Chris was once Andrew Wood’s roommate. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. But Andrew died suddenly in 1990 due to drug addiction. Despite being emotionally traumatized at the beginning, Chris decided at one point to release an album in honor of Andrew Wood.

That’s how Soundgarden’s drummer Matt Cameron and members of the Pearl Jam band formed the band ‘Temple of the Dog’. During this time he met Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder. The two also provided vocals together on a song called ‘Hunger Strike’ on the album. They recorded the album in just 15 days. The album was well-received at the time.

In addition to music, Chris also worked on several soundtracks for movies. Notable among these is the song titled ‘Mission 2000’ from the 2000 movie ‘Mission Impossible-2′.

Cornell initially thought it was a strange proposition. But the Sony company said they were looking for a strong-voiced male singer for the movie and Chris knew Daniel Craig would be the new Bond. As a result, Chris began writing songs for the movie, along with film composer David Arnold. Chris and David finally recorded a song titled ‘You Know My Name’ in a studio in London.

On January 1, 2010, a year after the Audioslave band broke up, Chris Cornell announced on Twitter that the Soundgarden band was about to return and that the band members were returning to the concert. Many thought that the members of Soundgarden had reunited, only to return for business purposes. But within a few months, they released a compilation album called ‘Telefantasum’.

Also in 2012, after a long 15 years, Soundgarden released their new single ‘Live to rising’. The same year they finally released their sixth and final album ‘King Animal’. Let Soundgarden start all over again with their last album.

After the sixth album, Soundgarden was thinking of working on another album. Even in 2016, drummer Matt and bassist Ben announced that they had created six new melodies for the new album. But it was no longer possible to make a new album. Chris committed suicide in May 2016 after concluding a concert with Soundgarden. The music world loses a uniquely talented singer. In addition to the music world, Hollywood also casts a shadow of mourning.

Led Zeppelin’s famous guitarist Jimmy Page, Alton John, Allen DeGeneres, Chris Evans, Michael Keaton, and many others responded on social media. Other bands, including Megadeth, Guns N Roses, and Linkin Park, honored Chris Cornell at their concerts. For the first time without members of Metallica, Foo Fighters, and Audioslave, Soundgarden appeared on stage without Chris Cornell.

Growing up depressed as a child, Chris would sometimes express the unknown fears in his mind with the song “Fell on Black Days” in Soundgarden, and sometimes he would try to inspire the audience with songs like Be Yourself by Audioslave.

Despite his disagreements with the band members at various times in his musical career, Chris never forgot them. And that’s probably why, in the last years of his life, he reunited with the bands Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog. Even as a social worker, Chris had a small acquaintance. Christian Bell spends all the money he earns from a song he sang in the movie ‘The Promise’ on helping refugees.

At a time in the eighties when the genre called Hair Metal began to have an adverse effect on the music world, Chris Cornell showed the music world a new way through the genre. Where the basic time signature of music is, Chris used to sing with Soundgarden at time signature.

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