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Roku Just Announced Its Cheapest And Most Exclusive Streaming Device Ever

Roku Just Announced Its Cheapest And Most Exclusive Streaming Device Ever

Black Friday is almost upon us. To celebrate, Roku ‘s gone the extra mile and created a new streamer exclusively for the shopping season.

Black Friday is right around the corner, and to make it as exciting as possible, Roku just announced a new streaming device it’s selling exclusively during the big shopping event. Once every year, Black Friday pops up with deals aplenty on just about anything you can imagine. Sometimes the deals are great, others are just OK, and some are laughably bad. While the quality of the deals is always a mystery, you can rest assured that just about everything is going on sale in the last week of November.

Even with days to go before Black Friday officially begins

(and started) their Black Friday deals. Google’s kicking off its Black Friday sale on November 18 with savings on the Pixel 5a, Chromecast with Google TV, and the 2nd Gen Nest Hub. LG currently has its C1 OLED TV for $200 off, and Walmart has confirmed it’ll get both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X restocks for Black Friday.

Roku’s now announced its own slew of Black Friday savings, and there’s one item that’s especially interesting. Starting November 24 on and November 26 in Walmart stores, Roku will sell the LE. It’s a new streaming device that’s available only “for Black Friday” and will only be up for purchase “while supplies last.” In other words, once sells out of the LE, that’s it.

Other Roku Black Friday Deals To Watch Out For

The device itself is a fairly basic HD streaming dongle with an included HDMI cable. The kicker, however, is that it costs a mere $15. It seems to be a rebranded and re-colored version of the Roku Express — a gadget that normally retails for $30. It’s far from the most powerful streamer on the market, but if all you need is a device for watching HD video, $15 is a heck of a price.

Outside of the Roku LE, Roku has a few other deals worth checking out. If you have a bit more cash to spend and want something that supports 4K video, the Roku Premiere is available now for $20 (normally $35). It’s pretty similar to the Roku Express/Roku LE, with the main difference being that it plays 4K and HDR video content. Also on sale are the Roku Streaming Stick+ and Streaming Stick 4K. Both are on sale for $30 and come with 4K and HDR playback. The Streaming Stick 4K is arguably the better choice, though, as it also includes Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

Another deal to consider is the Roku Streambar. It has things like 4K and HDR video playback, but it also doubles as a small soundbar for improved audio over your TV’s built-in speakers. It normally costs $130, but starting November 19, it can be yours for $80. And to make sure folks have something to watch with their new Roku, there are a few subscription deals available as well. Over 20 services on the Roku’s Channel (like AMC+ and Showtime) will be available for $0.99/month for the first two months starting November 20. HBO Max is also offering a free 30-day free trial, while Redbox is giving away a $5 rental/purchase credit.

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