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Rome’s Estadio Olympics to London’s Wembley screens of Euro 2020

Rome’s Estadio Olympics to London’s Wembley screens of Euro 2020

Rome’s Estadio Olympics to London’s Wembley. The screens of Euro 2020 are coming down after touring 11 stadiums in 11 cities and only a few hours later. This euro, mixed with joy, cheers, despair or tears, seemed to come across the world of Kovid with a little bit of laughter and joy. Let’s take a look at what happened across the Eurozone before we end up waking up in the middle of the night in football.

Suicide goal
Demiral started. Not as the opening goal of the opening match! From there, the matter seemed to happen ‘all the time’. It would not be wrong to call the 2020 Euro a ‘suicidal goal event’. So far, the players have caught the ball in their own net a total of 11 times. However, the total number of suicide goals in all the last Euro events was 9!

6 of these 11 goals have been in the group stage. Another one in the second round, quarter finals, and semifinals. Enrique’s Spain got the most advantage of suicide goal. They got a total of 3 goals in this regard. However, they themselves gave a return to Croatia. The reason for the high number of suicide goals in Spain is the reason for the high number of such goals in all the recent tournaments. Nowadays in football, players feel comfortable to deduct from the front of the small D by cutting-in in most cases without crossing directly from the wing. In doing so, the chances of a suicide goal are multiplied by returning the ball. However, there are some eye-catching mistakes in this Euro as well. Unai Simon or Mats Hamels will have suicide goals in this list.

The triumph of the fullbacks
The 1970 World Cup-winning Brazilian team was the first to introduce the ‘back four’ system in football. Since then, the contribution of fullbacks in football has changed radically. And the contribution of fullbacks in modern football is undeniable. It can be understood by looking at the coaches of big profiles. Whether you like it or not, there is no substitute for world-class fullbacks.

The performance of the fullbacks in this Euro is more dazzling. The main reason for this is that most of the teams have played with ‘Three Man Defense’. And those who haven’t played a three-man defense have also dropped at least two holding midfielders in midfield. As a result, the fullbacks have got full freedom.

Italy’s Spinatzola or England’s Luke Shaw have played well, adding to Belgium’s Munier, Doku or Austria’s David Alaba. The same is true of Robin Gossen. They have laid the foundation for the team’s attack. Even small teams have given fullbacks full freedom. The Danish court has used that freedom to the fullest. If this trend continues, perhaps in the near future, ‘Three-Man Defense’ may become the most popular strategy in football.

It’s coming home?
‘It’s Coming Home’ is well known all over the world in the English media. As Denmark goalkeeper Caspar Smykel commented at a press conference before the semifinals,

The ‘Three Lions’ finished the 2018 World Cup in the semifinals. The team was disappointed despite the possibilities. However, the Southgate students probably overcame the knockout or tiebreaker gap in the end. As a result, the whole England team is in great rhythm this time. They have already advanced to the Euro finals. In front of the palm of another big title. What can the disciples of Southgate do this time?

The return of the Azzurids
Italy is one of the leading countries in football. But the four-time world champions have been eating khabi for the last few years. Russia failed to qualify for the World Cup. Roberto Mancini took the helm of the team in that dark time. He took a bold step. He came out of Italy’s traditional defensive ‘Catechencio’ football. The team started playing great classical offensive style football. Considering the time in Italy, it is a very bold decision.

But luck is always on the side of the brave! Italy also adapted well to this offensive football. That is why Manchini did not give up the preservation of their heritage. After the match, the defense has remained flawless.

The result is obvious in this euro. The Azzurri came to the Euros unbeaten in 28 consecutive matches. That ‘Unbeaten Run’ has now stopped in 32 matches. Manchini’s disciples have also reached the stage of the final. Only if we can do that Mahendrakshan of Wembley ourselves will we get the fullness of the return of the Azzurri. The suspicion that Italy has the ability, I think it must have been gone for so long!

Euros of the ‘Underdogs’
Many call the Euro the ‘Mini World Cup.’ The word may seem justified in one way or another. With the exception of a handful of teams, all the big teams are in the Euros. And considering the current form, the number of ‘big’ teams has also increased considerably in the Euro this time. As always, teams like France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, England have joined Portugal, Croatia or Belgium.

However, despite having so many great teams, this Euro seemed to be for all the underdogs. Let’s start with Shevchenko’s Ukraine. Even with his own players, he has not been able to bring so much success to the country, which he has brought from the dugout. Despite losing 4-0 to England in the quarter-finals, there was no shortage of applause for Ukraine.

The same goes for the Czech Republic. The checkers handed over plane tickets to a great team like the Netherlands. The Czechs also struggled in the quarter-finals with Patrick Schick’s impeccable performance. However, there they are forced to accept the rate, another surprise of this euro to Denmark.

But the beginning of Denmark was horrible. Exclude the loss with Finland; In the first match, the whole team lost to Eriksen and became a showman. Fighting in the second match of the group stage against Belgium, had to concede defeat for a de Bruyne. Zero points at the end of two matches!

Eriksen is back, so is Denmark. From there to Denmark in the Euro semifinals. Despite a controversial penalty, the Danes are certainly proud of the team. The Danes have played by turning the grief of losing Eriksen into strength. Denmark has redefined itself in every place, from Simone Kayer, Smiley or Mahele. So the team finished one of the euros in their history from the underdog.

The triumph of youth
18 years old. Sukanta said this age is Dana Melbar; This age is unbearable, unbearable. It is as if Pedri has literally made it on the field. It is normal to hear the names of the stars of the Spanish midfield. Thiago, Busquets, Rodri, Coke; There was no shortage of midfielders in the team. But excluding them, a 16-year-old boy has stepped on the field in every match!

I was talking about Pedri. Pedri is also the most run-scoring player for Spain in this Euro. But before the start of the Euros, he played almost every match for Barcelona from the beginning. That fatigue did not bother Pedri so much. Not only Pedri, but another young Turkish Dani Almo from Spain also spread fragrance all over the field.

This year’s Euro has seen more youngsters than ever before. Alexander Isaac of Sweden or Drumsguard and Olsen of Denmark can also be joined by Donaruma or Jeremy Douquুকে; This time in Euro they were all glowing in their glory.

Flop of the Euro
Pel became the first teenager to score in a World Cup final. He also wore the famous number 10 jersey. The fame of the future star is also added next to the name. But that MBP has probably disappointed the most in this Euro. There are no goals in the whole of Europe, he missed the shot in the tiebreaker and drowned the team. The reason for using the word ‘probably’ in the previous line is that not only MBAP, but also some other well-known names in this list.

Hakan Chalhanolu’s name will come after MBAP. Turkey came to this Euro as the ‘Dark Horse’, one of the main hopes was its name. However, after losing three matches, they were the first to be eliminated, and much of that responsibility rests with Hakan. He was dull throughout the euro. Like Chalhanolu, Sheznio has sunk the team. Poland paid for the loss of points in the first match with a suicide goal by leaving the group stage.

However, the expectation was that the name of someone who gave a skyscraper but average game, in fact, the name of Bruno Fernandez will come first. In the end, Fernando Santos was forced out of the starting XI. The same thing will happen with another ‘Red Devil’ Marcus Rashford. If you want to lengthen the list, come to Ruben Diaz, Serge Nabri and Carasco.

Those were the walls
Rahul Dravid was known in cricket as ‘The Wall’. There is probably no one in football who specializes in such adjectives. However, in this Euro, as if the goalkeepers have made a bet, everyone will become a wall. Most of the goalkeepers have performed well in this Euro. Ian Summer will be the first to be named separately.

Samar stood like a monster in front of France and Spain. He also stopped MBAP’s penalty in tiebreaker. No Spaniard could beat him in real time in the quarter finals. The goal he ate was also a suicide goal. He made a total of 9 saves only against Spain. Unfortunately, they did not manage to tiebreaker this time, the Swiss have to leave the quarter finals.

If Samar was the shield of the Swiss, then the Danes were Caspar Smykel. Father holds Peter Smykel’s legacy wonderfully. A great performance in the Premier League for Leicester City brought him to the national team once again. Unlike his father, Denmark could not win the Euro title this time. However, there is no regret in that, as much as he has done for Caspar, he has done everything. The way Harry Maguire blocked a header in front of Denmark could not help but shine in the final. Harry Kane’s penalty shot was also blocked at first. Of course, Caspar and Denmark did not survive in the end. Kane netted the return shot; Caspar didn’t even look at the service, he squeezed himself.

In addition to these two, Donaruma of Italy, Olsen of Sweden and Pickford of England have also shed light on the Euro.

According to many, this is one of the best euros to consider in a tactical or thrilling book. Many will agree, but in the eyes of many it may be different. However, it is safe to say that football fans have enjoyed this Euro. Of course, the rest is the final. That wait will end on July 11. The European Championship will return in three more years, until

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