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Ronaldo has disrespected Juventus

Manchester United – Now is a happy time for fans. Jaden Sancho, Rafael Varane and Man United, who have already formed a great team, have given the biggest surprise to Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of the transfer season! The 36-year-old Portuguese forward will wear his old number 7 jersey at Man United with the special permission of the English Premier League authorities, it was also confirmed two days ago.

But in Italy, the minds of Juventus supporters. Ronaldo has returned to Man United after leaving Juventus! A striker floating in the goal like a Portuguese forward is no longer available if you want! Juventus fans are also criticizing Ronaldo for leaving Juventus in a dramatic move towards the end of the transfer season.

Not only the fans, but also the former players have come down to criticize Ronaldo. Former two stars Sergio Brio and Alessio Takkinardi have said that Ronaldo has disrespected Juventus by leaving the club! He also admitted that it is difficult to find an alternative to the ‘goal machine’ like Ronaldo.

Sergio Brio. Alessio Takkinardi. If you look at the football of the eighties and nineties, many people will know these two former stars of Juventus. Why only stars, legends can be said. Brio played for Juventus from 1984 to 1990. The former Italian defender has won four league titles as well as all of his potential UEFA titles at Juventus.

And Takkinardi? The Italian midfielder, who has won the league six times and the Champions League once in the 12 years since 1994, is another important figure in the history of Juventus.

“Ronaldo should have been without Juventus in any other way,” Takkinardi told the Italian daily Tuttosport. Before the match against Empoli (Juventus coach Massimiliano) when Allegri was discussing the match with everyone on the team, he should not have left the club on his own private plane. At least one press conference will say goodbye to the supporters, that’s all I expected. The supporters deserved a little more respect from him. ‘

After leaving Real Madrid for Juventus in 2016, Ronaldo told the club that he felt “his own”. I don’t like it either, I accept that legends like Takkinardi, ‘(Alessandro) del Piero, (Francesco) Totti, (Paolo) Maldini, (Javier) Janetti are no more. But Ronaldo went there and said he was back in a club that looked like his home, it wasn’t good to hear that. ‘

Takkinardi questioned Ronaldo’s move at the last minute of the transfer window, saying: “He has put Juventus in an embarrassing situation. He left the club a day or two before the end of the transfer season. After that, it is impossible to find an alternative to a goal machine like him in such a short time. ‘


‘Juventus deserved more respect. Ronaldo will ignore the club in this way, it was not expected. From his point of view, it was not a good thing. “Cristiano is a great professional, but he should have said goodbye.”

However, the change of team has been good for both Ronaldo and Juventus.  “It simply came to our notice then. If there was a player against his will, he would be a headache for his teammates and the club.

In three years on the field, however, Ronaldo has never disrespected Juventus’ jersey. Although he did not succeed in winning the Champions League, Ronaldo scored 101 goals in 134 appearances in three years in Juve’s jersey.

Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus for Manchester United yesterday. Apart from Iran’s Ali Daiyi, the Portuguese superstar can now hold the record for most goals in international football. Ronaldo will become the highest scorer of all time if he scores a goal against Ireland in the World Cup qualifiers today.

CR Seven broke the midfielder’s record of 109 goals with a pair of goals against France in the Euro group stage last June. Ronaldo extended Portugal’s departure to Belgium in the second round. Today, two and a half months later, he has the opportunity to set the record at his home ground Estadio Algrave.

Ronaldo has joined the Parashui team to play the Group A match. His teammates are also feeling the fire of world record. “We will do everything we can to help him break the record,” said Portugal midfielder Gonzalo Geddes.

Portugal coach Fernando Santos, however, is reluctant to worry too much about the record, saying, “What will be the role of this record in this match? Nothing. We are only thinking about the match in Ireland. ‘

Whether Santos pays attention or not, the whole football world will be watching Estadio Algrave today.

World champion France is also playing today. The French will play against Bosnia. World Cup runners-up Croatia will play against Russia. In Oslo, Earling Horland’s Norway will host the Netherlands.

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