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Round of Sixteen UefA draw

Round of Sixteen UefA draw

UEFA has drawn the Round of Sixteen again by admitting the mistake. This time Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid are seen in the top sixteen.On the other hand, Ronaldo’s opponent Ronaldo Manchester United is in the new schedule even though he was supposed to face PSG last time. Bayern Munich has a relatively easy opponent. They will play against the Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg.

In the first leg of the draw held on Monday (December 13) afternoon,

they raised the name of Manchester United as the opponent of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and shocked the whole football world. After watching the most adorable match of world football, football fans may have become intoxicated with various events.

But Bersik Atletico Madrid authorities.

They became vocal about UEFA’s mistake. They may not have liked the name of Bayern Munich as an opponent. Eventually, after reviewing the allegations and finding the truth, the draw was canceled. Messi-Ronaldo duo’s desire to see the end of the fans.

After a couple of hours, the UEFA draw ceremony was held again. This time the officials did not make any mistake. The balls were on the right track. One by one the names keep rising, and the big clubs keep on beating.

It is known at the outset who is going to be the opponent of the Bundesliga champions. In the end, the Austrian Red Bull got the fate of Salzburg and the name of Bayern Munich. The Bavarians may have been content to avoid the Spanish champions.

English giants Manchester City

have previously beaten Spanish club Villarreal, but will play against Portugal’s Sporting Lisbon in the new schedule. Villarreal’s opponent this time is Italian club Juventus.Atletico Madrid did not get Bayern, but their opponents are not that easy. According to the new draw, Rosie Blanco will have to fight Cristiano Ronaldo against Manchester United. There is no good news for another English giant Liverpool. In the first push, the match was supposed to be against Salzburg, but this time their opponent is Inter Milan.

The current champions of the Champions League, Chelsea, are very lucky. Thomas Tukhel Bahini got the same opponent in both draws. The Blues will play against the French club Olympic Sporting Club, Lille. And Benfica’s opponent is Ajax.

However, the most interesting match of this season is going to be Real Madrid’s fight against Messi’s Paris Saint-Germain. Once again, when Messi arrives at the Santiago Bernabeu, he will not be wearing the Barcelona jersey, but the old calculation will not change. However, if Ramos were in the Paris XI, a different situation would be created in Madrid.

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