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Saffron Stays Expands its Bouquet of Vacation Rental Homes

Saffron Stays Expands its Bouquet of Vacation Rental Homes

The meteorological department recently predicted that snowfall Bouquet of Vacation  and rain in the coming days would increase chances of inclement weather and icy road conditions, In response to this, the administration has ordered that vehicles should not enter the Lahaul valley as weather changes quite suddenly in such areas, resulting in heavy snow which might trap visitors.  After the recent snowfall left hundreds of tourists stranded at Bouquet of Vacation Atal Tunnel, the Lahaul-Spiti administration, observing the large crowds in spite of the bad weather, has decided to not let tourists enter the valley if the conditions are life threatening.

Earlier, vehicles carrying tourists to Lahaul valley had to leave by 5pm but as inclement weather Bouquet of Vacation conditions gripped the area, the administration has ordered the visitors to leave the valley by 4pm at any cost. The administration has asked the district police to coordinate with Kullu police for an effective implementation of the order. Kullu police have restricted tourist movement to Soland and Palchan as a response to strong prediction of heavy snowfall in the next few days.

The Solang-Atal Tunnel-Keylong highway experiences the threat of avalanche and landslides till late March and tourists who ply this 50km stretch of avalanche-prone highway can face accidents anytime.

SaffronStays, a Mumbai-based vacation home rental company, has widened its bouquet of private villas and estates with a clutch of new entities. If you are keen to travel during the upcoming festive and holiday season yet wary of crowded places (with the pandemic still remaining a threat), these private villas with limited accommodation can be your own safe bubble.

Located in different settings, the new set of accommodation offers a range of experiences, Bouquet of Vacation including organic farming, horse-riding, boating and trekking. The new vacation homes are located within easy driving distance from Mumbai.

Aqua Chalet in Murbad is a one-bedroom villa located within a three acre estate. Enjoy a quiet swim in the pool beneath a neem tree, retire to the private ‘machan’ with a book or create your own detox meal plan where the kitchen will prepare your meals from the organically grown vegetables from the estate’s farms.

Nature walks, a swim in the river, and star gazing at night can be some of the activities you may plan with your family or friends. can opt for activities such as archery, horse-riding, boating and trekking For even bigger groups, there is Maison Fraise in Panchgani, a charming eight-bedroom bungalow, with an outdoor bar, open verandah for outdoor games, large lawns, surrounded by strawberry gardens and jungles, and view of the Venna River.

Ayurveda By The Sea in Alibaug is for those who want a holiday by the beach. The four-bedroom estate has direct access to Kihim beach.

The list of new properties also includes Jaipura Garh in Jaipur (Rajasthan), a Rajasthan government certified heritage home. There is nothing to stop you from playing a modern royal among the ancestral memorabilia, traditional artefacts, and hand-drawn door ornamentation taking you back to the old days.

A new study just showcased something we knew already – frequent travel makes you happy.Out of the 500 participants, a little over half reported travelling more than four times for pleasure and only 7% of respondents said they do not travel at all. Those participants who reported travelling more than 75 miles away from home for their trips were also the ones who stated being happier regarding their well being in comparison to those who do not travel or travel less.

Chen concludes that although for an individual’s wellbeing and happiness, family, work and friends play a non-negotiable crucial role, travelling does play a substantial role in elevating the experience of having satisfaction in life. The travel accumulation lends to a better cycle of wanting to get out of your routine to experience and live more.

The study will lend itself to several social media campaigns for resorts, travel companies and even airlines to promote travelling by sparking interests in people through scientific benefits of the same.

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