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Salesforce Took The Cloud Computing Arena

Salesforce Took The Cloud Computing Arena

Salesforce took the cloud computing arena by storm with its comprehensive software solution and currently commands the largest market share among CRM solution providers. Consequently, employers and recruiters prioritize individuals with Salesforce certifications while sifting through various talent pools. Cloud Computing Arena Acquiring a Salesforce Einstein Analytics certification validates your skills and knowledge, helping you stay on top of your game. However, you must pass the Einstein analytics exam to earn the coveted certification. Besides being tough, the exam fee is also pricey, so flanking isn’t an option. Fortunately, with some organization and preparation, you can ace the test, as outlined below.

Understand The Basic Course Components

Salesforce has secured its position as the top CRM Company thanks to its comprehensive data-handling capacity. Therefore, prioritize understating the platform’s data-handling scope before attempting the exam. Such knowledge will help you have a bearing as you navigate the platform’s numerous resources while preparing for your exam. The Salesforce platform’s analytics builds on three fundamental pillars, Einstein Prediction Builder, Salesforce Einstein Analytics & Discovery. Einstein Analytics is the data management tool that allows team members to view and import data from various sources, manipulate it, and publish it.

Next, Einstein Discovery, an AI-powered analytics tool on the platform, automatically maps out relevant data patterns presenting simple analysis. Finally, Einstein Prediction Builder, a forecasting tool, helps you make accurate predictions from various data fields without writing code. Understanding the core components above helps you better understand how the elements above come full circle from raw data to actionable data.

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Establish The Prerequisites For Taking The Exam

Given the ever-increasing global demand for Salesforce CRM, professionals regard the Salesforce Einstein Analytics certification as a stepping stone to a lucrative career. Furthermore, international data statistics predict 3.3million new Salesforce-related jobs generated by 2020. Consequently, consultants and employees worldwide are expediting their plans to earn Salesforce certifications. However, Salesforce training resources recommend having at least a year’s experience on the platform before taking any Salesforce certification. The main reason behind this recommendation is that Salesforce certifications are less about cramming knowledge and more about demonstrating real-world understanding.

Learn The Exam Structure

One advantage Einstein Analytics exam candidates have is that the exam structure is an open secret. Exam structure knowledge helps when designing your study strategy. The following are the things to note about the Einstein Analytics exam structure. First is the exam format, entailing 60 multiple choice questions and five non-score questions taken within 90 minutes. The exam questions cut across six different topics with varying weighting as follows.

Data Layer-24%
Analytics Dashboard design- 19%
Einstein Discovery Story Design- 19%
Analytics Dashboard Implementation- 18%
Security- 11%
Administration- 9%

Given the minimal difference in weightings between the various topics, study all the topics exhaustively. Moreover, you will have no access to search engines during the exam, so prepare well.

The pass mark for the exam is 68%, and you will receive your results on completion via email. However, if you fail at the first attempt, you are entitled to two annual retakes at an additional $100 fee. The exam registration fee is $200 excluding taxes, payable a week before sitting the exam. The fee is standard whether you decide to take the exam online or sit for it at a test center. Fortunately, various organizations and trainers award Salesforce exam coupons and vouchers with values ranging from $70 to $200 for attending their free webinars.

Utilize Trailheads

Any Salesforce user knows the value of trailheads in understanding the complex platform. Trailhead Academy is the leading authorized Salesforce training partner offering exhaustive Salesforce-approved courses to help potential users navigate the platform. Its vast training resources range from ebooks and notes to on-demand videos to suit diverse learning preferences.

The best way to use Trailheads is to follow trails or a series of curated training modules for various Salesforce subjects. Therefore, follow all the trailheads labeled Einstein analytics and take trailhead badge test quizzes to prepare for the actual exam.

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